Greece To Arrest Russian Cyber Criminal For Money Laundering
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Greece To Arrest Russian Cyber Criminal For Money Laundering

December 23, 2019      Shailesh Panwar

According to the Greek justice minister’s decision, the court officials are about to surrender a Russian cyber criminal, whom the authorities suspect to have laundered billions of dollars in bitcoin to France. The alleged mastermind, Alexander Vinnik, has laundered $4 billion bitcoin and is one of the seven Russians arrested based on U.S. cyber crime charges worldwide this year. The Greek’s top court has cleared Vinnik’s extradition to the USA. 


France, Russia and the USA have made requests for Vinnik’s extradition, but the final decision rests on the Greek justice minister. On claims made by them, a court official has informed that the justice minister Costas Tsiaras should extradite Vinnik to France. He also stated that the next destination could be the USA and lastly, Russia.


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Vinnik’s Lawyer Statement

Vinnik’s lawyer has cited that the ruling has led Vinnik to start a new hunger strike as he has taken his extradition as a death sentence. Further, Vinnik has been accused of running BTC, which is facilitating cybercrime ranging from drug trafficking to computer hacking since 2011. To defend himself from court’s charges, the Russian cyber criminal has stated that he was a technical consultant to BTC-e and was not operating it. Moscow has requested Greece to return him to his home like it has done earlier with other nationals that the USA wanted. 


Vinnik Agrees To Return Home

Further, Vinnik has agreed for his return to Russia, where the authorities will charge him with an amount of 10,000 euros. The Greek Supreme Court has also rejected his appeal for his extradition to the USA. 


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Finally, the Russian cyber criminal continues to be looked upon in an Athens hospital as he is struggling with health problems caused by a hunger strike for 88 days in November 2018.

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