Hitachi to Promote Consensys' Pegasys Plus in Japan

Zain Raza by Zain Raza - 08:37 AM Mar 30, 2020
Hitachi to Promote Consensys' Pegasys Plus in Japan

The sale of Pegasys Plus, a product of blockchain software technology company Consensys, will start in Japan on April 1. Hitachi Solutions, a big tech company, is the first to receive permission to conduct the sale of Pegasys Plus According to the press release, Hitachi, the Tokyo based firm announced that it would join hands with Consensys in order to to provide and promote their product, Pegasys plus to the Japanese people. It is an ethereum based blockchain platform, offering additional support and features to the company.

ConsenSys founder and CEO Joseph Lubin commented on the collaboration between the two companies:
"We think Japan has the potential to be one of the fastest-growing blockchain markets in the world over the coming years, and I am eager to drive that growth with Hitachi. We are committed to bringing our stack of products to Japan and working with the best partner possible to make Japan a global leader in the space."

Pegasys Partnership With Hitachi, Exciting times

Hitachi is a prominent blockchain name in the Japanese blockchain industry. It offers various services such and one hundred per cent support in the introduction, construction, operation and development of applications which will utilize Pegasys plus.

Hitachi intends to carry out these functions over the Hyperrledger Besu platform to carry out operations sucks as supply chain, management and electronic coupons etc.

While the world is going through a crisis given the impact of the coronavirus, the blockchain space has not experienced positive news. The cryptocurrencies are faltering too, so at this moment in time, this need from Japan would definitely be a sight for sore eyes.

However, there are talks ongoing to shut down Tokyo too, given the increasing impact of coronavirus in Japan. The crypto account Neer has gone up in Japan lately, after the bitcoin blood bath, suggesting that the people of the country were allured to the dip.

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