Author : Zain Raza

Zain is a fervid fan of bitcoin and has been meticulously covering the field for a fair amount of time now. An aficionado of Spider man, Liverpool and Slim Shady.

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Bitfinex Hackers Make $4.1 Million With The Latest Movement

Thieves who stole fund from hacking Bitfinex 4 years ago are continuing to cash out, and have been extra activ ...

  Jun 12, 2020
Cryptocurrency Exchange Traderhorn Launched In India

The growth of crypto exchanges in India is growing at a rapid pace. The explosion has come from the removal of ...

  Jun 12, 2020
Seed CX Exchange is Shutting Down, Confirms CEO Woodford

A blog post on June 11 by the CEO Edward Woodford has confirmed that the US-based exchange Seed CX is shutting ...

  Jun 12, 2020
Quadriga Exchange Operated Like a Ponzi Scheme

According to the Canadian Authorities, the Quadriga exchange's downfall in 2019 was due to its founder Gerald ...

  Jun 12, 2020
Chaos at Bitmain Brooming as Ex-co Founder Zhan Ketuan Returns

Zhan Ketuan, the co-founder of Bitmain who was booted out of the company in October 2019 came back on June 3, ...

  Jun 11, 2020
Sterling Daines Appointed as Libra's New Chief Compliance Officer

Sterling Daines, the financial crime executive currently of the Credit Suisse would join Libra Association by ...

  Jun 11, 2020
US Fed Involvement in Bitcoin Price Surge Divides Opinions

Bitcoin has had various attempts to break past the $10,000 psychological barrier and it is at it again. For th ...

  Jun 11, 2020
The Founder of Centra Tech Fake ICO Negotiating a Plea Bargain

One of the founders of the fake ICOs which was endorsed by Floyd Mayweather, Robert Farkas is negotiating for ...

  Jun 11, 2020
Crypto Critics Believe Bitcoin Hasn't Performed as Claimed

Bitcoin proponents Anthony Pompliano and Willy Woo shared interesting data in bitcoin's favour on twitter. The ...

  Jun 11, 2020
Bank of Korea Launches 10-Year Blockchain and CBDC Project

South Korean authorities have taken a keen interest in Blockchain technology, especially in the last year. Now ...

  Jun 10, 2020