Author : Zain Raza

Zain is a fervid fan of bitcoin and has been meticulously covering the field for a fair amount of time now. An aficionado of Spider man, Liverpool and Slim Shady.

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Ripple Dumps One Billion in XRP, Community Callous

The first day of April, and ripple has binned XRP from its escrow wallet, a vast 1 billion coins. Ever since 2 ...

  Apr 1, 2020
Whale Alert Creates a Scare Over $900 Million Mt.Gox Dump

Just recently, the trustee of Mt.Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi was granted an extension to submit a fresh proposal by ...

  Apr 1, 2020
No Smooth Sailing For Foreign Exchanges in Japan

According to a recent report, Japan's stern approach and strict regulations are not helping the cause of forei ...

  Apr 1, 2020
Retail Buyer's Numbers Went up on Coinbase Exchange

Top cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase published a report on Tuesday which highlighted the buying and selling o ...

  Apr 1, 2020
Coinex Partners With Simplex to Offer Crypto Payments by Credit Card

A  cryptocurrency exchange provider, Coinex has teamed up with Simplex, renowned as a fiat infrastructure prov ...

  Mar 31, 2020
LSAT by Lightning Labs to Provide Rapid Bitcoin Payments

An authentication token standard, LSAT has been introduced by lightning labs, in a bid to facilitate and offer ...

  Mar 31, 2020
MLB Champions Crypto Game to Reduce Ethereum Dependency

The MLB Champions crypto game is undergoing some changes as it is trying to reduce its dependence on Ethereum, ...

  Mar 31, 2020
Siam Commercial Bank(SCB) Partners With Ripple

Siam Commercial bank (SCB) of Thailand has launched a partnership with Ripple to make cross-border payment fea ...

  Mar 31, 2020
Mt.Gox Rehabilitation's Plan Deadline Day Extended

On March 30, an official announcement was made on the website of Mt.Gox, stating that Nobuaki Kobayashi has fi ...

  Mar 31, 2020
Bitcoin Core Website Moving to Dark Web to Avoid Censorship

The bitcoin core website is now migrating to the dark web and would be accessible there, according to a statem ...

  Mar 31, 2020