How Do Paper Wallets Protect Your Cryptocurrency?

Aditya  |  Jun 6, 2020

Just like cryptocurrencies, wallets also play an important role in protecting your digital currencies. Today, we will let you know about paper wallets and how do they protect your cryptocurrency. When we compare crypto wallets, then a paper wallet is considered to be the safest method in storing your cryptocurrency safely, without a doubt. You can even set your paper wallet by adhering to some factors given below. In that way, you will achieve mastery in investment. But besides this, if you follow the precautions, then it is impossible in tracking down your private keys by any wrong person. So it is essential to keep a record of them. If in case, you lose your private keys, then you have to pay the penalty for entire paper wallet contents.

Understand About Paper Wallet

When it comes to defining paper wallets, then these are the method of cold storage offline which protect your cryptocurrency. And this is possible when on a piece of paper, the printing of private and public keys is done in QR codes, and then you secure it in a safer place. If there is a question in your mind about how do these paper wallets are so safe, then it is the complete authority that is given to you as a user. There is no need to bother yourself in thinking about hardware, hacking, or any malware issues. All you have to do is just keep a tab on your paper.

Are Paper Wallets Really Needed?

After getting a basic understanding of paper wallets and how they protect your cryptocurrency, now there is another question about its relevance for need. So do you really need a paper wallet? Well, the answer lies behind the circumstances. As for an example, if you plan to trade some coins on a summer day, maybe not. Or if you don’t want to hold any of your stash portions, then yes, paper wallet really becomes a need for you.

Risks Involved In The Paper Wallet

No doubt, a paper wallet is indeed the best way to protect your cryptocurrency, but there are some risks involved in it. So let us know about those grey areas given below:

Prone To Theft

Now as you know that paper wallet is printed on a piece of paper, which is prone to theft. It is because when it comes under the focus of any prying eyes, then it can be read or can even be photographed leading to stealing the money.

Human Mistake

Paper wallets no matter protect your cryptocurrency but as you know that errors are part of every human life. It can prove costly if you are unable to locate your paper or unintentionally tear it off.


A paper might be useful in fulfilling your purpose, but somehow it is fragile also. Being a very soft and light material, it can be scribbled or even damaged. Therefore, it is important to have a number of backups. So besides paper wallets protect your cryptocurrency, you must also protect them too from being torn or tarnished.


So this is all about the paper wallet or a Bitcoin wallet. In short, paper wallets gives you complete control as a user. You don’t have to bother about technical issues like hardware, malware, or hacking. But you have to be responsible for taking care of your paper. It is because it is a fragile item that can be tarnished or torn accidentally or by human error. So just like a paper wallet helps in storing your cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure manner, then you too are supposed to protect it from any harm. If proper precautions are followed, then there can no risk of getting it into the wrong hands.

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