How The Internet Provided Income Generating Opportunities During The Pandemic?

Cryptoknowmics  |  Jul 16, 2020


According to a recent study by American organization, Pew Research, 53% of all Americans believe the internet has been key during the pandemic. Many are of the opinion, that without the internet, surviving the pandemic would have been very difficult.

In the last few months, the internet has emerged as a saviour. Human beings have been using the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Shopping essentials
  2. Keeping oneself updated to global happenings
    • Consuming entertainment
      1. Improving income generating opportunities
      2. Checking in with their near and dear ones
      3. Working From Home (WFH)
        • Learning a New Skill
        • Being stuck at home without the internet is something, which many of us cannot even think about. In this article, we look at some major ways people used the internet to earn money during the pandemic.

          Top 5 Ways people are using the Internet to earn money during the Pandemic:

          Using Online Trading Platforms for dealing in Cryptocurrencies

          Most people who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic are using the internet to improve their earnings. This means trading platforms, especially the ones dealing with cryptocurrencies are experiencing major users. If you wish to start trading online, you can visit bit profit. Likewise, interests in stocks and shares is registering an upward trend. Many people have also started blogging or teaching online to compensate for their incomes.

          Starting their Own Blog

          The pandemic has made the world look depressing and negative. This is why; many people are turning to blogging to create a source of income. They are using Guest Posting, Link Building and AdSense to earn in different ways from the blog.  This is allowing them to start a new avenue of earning online, as well as helping them share their thoughts and feelings with the outside world on issues they are interested in.

          To Work From Home

          We cannot imagine a WFH scenario without having access to the internet. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, and others have all been essential communication channels. They have also led to the rise of a culture, which is sure to last even after the pandemic ends. The efficiency of these platforms has been something, which has made business possible.

          To Freelance for Others

          Many people who lost their job during the pandemic have turned to Freelance platforms in a major way. They are using the skills and experience, which they had on the past job and offering their services. Working in freelance platforms is also helping them get work from different parts of the world. Using the internet to do freelance work has emerged as a boon for many people who have been laid off because of the pandemic.

          To Communicate with people

          Many people who are stranded in different cities for want of flights are using the internet to check in with their loved ones. Such people to talk to their family members during the pandemic are using WhatsApp Video Calls, Skype and even the free version of Zoom. Without them, normal international calls would be impossible to make. The internet is a boon for them.

          Has our Online Behaviour changed because of the Pandemic?

          There were many things, which the internet was capable of doing. However, most of us never felt the need for the same. This virus has shown us that we can use the internet for a great many things. We would always shop for gadgets and technology online, but the pandemic made up shop for our groceries online as well.

          Another major impact of the virus and digital use is the growing number of new users and registrations. For example, people above the age group of fifty have started using the internet because of the pandemic. They are not advised to go out, meet their friends, or go for work. Sitting at home has made them bored. Hence, they are now using social media platforms to spend their time.

          Many of us have started to trade online. This is not only a new skill but also safety for the uncertain nature of the employment.

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