Interview With Marie Tatibouet, CMO at Gate.io

Sandeep Kumar Mishra by Sandeep Kumar Mishra - 10:34 AM Nov 15, 2019

Interview With Marie Tatibouet, CMO at Gate.io

According to WEF, the overall female presence in the crypto-economy is between one per cent to five per cent globally. Since the industry is still at a nascent stage, is it easier to build a gender-diverse ecosystem and how? To put a perspective around various drivers responsible for encouraging more women to join the fast-growing blockchain industry, we caught up with Marie Tatibouet, CMO at Gate.io. Marie Tatibouet is also a blockchain influencer and a thought leader in the space.


  1. How did you develop an interest in blockchain technology? Can you tell us about your background?


I majored in finance and marketing, and since then, I have loved how the two subjects drive change in today’s world. After completing my education, I worked with the consumer technology space. Later, I founded a marketing consultancy that helped tech companies with their marketing strategies. It wasn’t until 2016 that I fell down the wonderful rabbit hole that is blockchain technology and subsequently returned to the finance world. It was 2016, and I joined an online platform called 21, mostly using it for fun, and I then started researching how to withdraw the BTC a few months later and found myself hooked to the idea. Two years later, I was offered this exciting role at Gate Technology, where I love how I engage with the larger community to spread the word about Gate.io.


  1. What do you think women in the industry have achieved and what they want to achieve?


We are seeing an increased number of women emerging as blockchain influencers. Some like Neha Nerula are putting their technical skills to work, and others like Angie Lau and Molly Jane Zuckerman are asking the right questions to ensure that we understand both sides of the (crypto) coin. However, industry calls for more women to take up leadership roles, reducing the gender gap and encouraging diversity. Apart from seeing a greater number of women in the industry, I would like us to create a space where women feel appreciated not just for their technical skills but also for their ability to use design thinking in various applications of blockchain technology.


  1. Why are women key for innovation in blockchain technology space?


Women bring unique experiences and expertise to the table. Research has shown that women have an inherited quality to keep going back to the fundamentals, which is an incredible quality to foster innovation. I firmly believe that blockchain technology’s mass adoption is almost impossible to achieve unless all diverse minds put their thoughts and experiences together. They are also great community builders, something that the crypto industry thrives on. All these qualities can help businesses and communities understand the intricacies of various applications so that solutions can be tailored accordingly.


  1. How is Gate.io contributing to this realm and what has been the most exciting moment for you there? What are some challenging initiatives that you are working on?


Gate Technology is headed in the right direction when it comes to striking the right gender balance in an organization. Forty per cent of our workforce are women, holding important positions across horizontals like product development, marketing, communications, and technology. A gender-diverse team is critical to bring inclusivity to business solutions, especially while designing and creating strategies around user experience, marketing, etc. The most exciting moment for me at Gate was the recent launch of ‘Startup’, our IEO platform that aims to provide its users with access to innovative and advanced projects.


I am working on our next milestone, which is the upcoming launch of GateChain Mainnet, industry’s first advanced public blockchain with unique features that address and solve the most complicated problems of the crypto space, which is fund security. In fact, we recently launched GateChain Testnet and have received an overwhelming response from the community.


  1. Finally, what is your take on China’s first Crypto law, and what is going to be its impact on the global economy?

China has put the right strategies in place towards cryptocurrency adoption. With the first crypto law, the country is designing strategies that can be implemented to leverage cryptocurrency adoption in the right manner. Involving major banks to reach the citizens and roping in huge players like Tencent and Alibaba as partners which will help them integrate it with WeChat and Alipay can be a game-changer in the worldwide crypto adoption scenario.

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