Justin Sun Reveals Shielded Transaction Update on Tron’s Nile Testnet
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Justin Sun Reveals Shielded Transaction Update on Tron’s Nile Testnet

January 8, 2020      Olowo

Tron’s Ceo Justin Sun has announced that the blockchain has launched the shielded transaction feature on Tron’s Nile Testnet. Sun revealed this information on his twitter handle and urged Tron users to test the new feature. In addition, the blockchain platform instructed users to visit GitHub for more details regarding the shielded transaction feature. There have been hype regarding this the shielded transaction update in the past few days with Tron raving about the potentials of the new feature. Recently, Sun had also revealed that the blockchain could launch its privacy coin.


Shielded transaction feature to improve privacy on Tron network

Prior to the announcement of its launch, Justin Sun had informed the Tron community of the oncoming developments highlighting, how it would help protect user’s transactions from the public. The feature is in line with Tron’s continuous move towards decentralization with details of any completed transactions, which the system removes automatically. The feature is still under development and its recent launch could be seen as a real-time test since it was released on Tron’s Nile Testnet. If successful, users would be able to have anonymity on transactions as the identity of the sender and recipient would be kept private as well as the amount transacted.

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TRON has no intention to sell 33billion unlocked TRX

Tron Foundation has further reiterated the stance of CEO Justin Sun in relation to the 33 billion TRX recently unlocked by the firm. In a tweet from its official twitter handle the foundation revealed that TRON will only initiate a buyback project anytime in the future, adding that the Tron CEO believes TRX is not receiving the accolade it deserves in terms of rating and value. It would be interesting to see whether Justin Sun changes his stance in the coming months as he is known to be eccentric.


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