DigiFinex Review | Everything You Need To Know About DigiFinex

Tarulika  |  Jul 28, 2020

Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction in financial space after the price of Bitcoins skyrocketed to $20,000 in a few of the exchanges, an all-time high after it was founded in 2009. Several crypto exchanges, asset management companies, portfolio managers, technical tools, cryptocurrencies, etc are launching regularly to captivate the interest of the community towards the digital assets. In this article, we will discuss one exchange which is less known but is rated among the top ten crypto exchanges of the world in terms of the trading volume. We will have the DigiFinex review in this article.

DigiFinex Exchange | DigiFinex Review

DigiFinex or Digital Asset Financial Exchange was by Ned Kee in 2017, especially for Asian crypto enthusiasts. Based in Singapore, the exchange grabs the position among the top 10 crypto exchanges of the world by trading volume. It currently serves over 125 markets and quickly rising in the ranking of crypto exchanges. It is relatively less know than other reputed exchange but serves the majority of customers in Asian countries.

As per the DigiFinex review, DigiFinex exchange has included over 100 cryptocurrency trading pairs on their exchange, which are traded actively on the platform. The crypto exchange offers ERC 20 named as DFT. By deploying the various techniques, exchange assures the transparent network with the quick transaction and competitive fees while depositing and withdrawal of cryptocurrency. The state-of-the-art technologies on which the architecture of the platform is based on assuring the seamless experience of customers coupled with a secured network of transaction.

Features | DigiFinex Review

DigiFinex is gaining the popularity among investors due to a number of unique features provided by the platform. Some prominent features of DigiFinex are:

  • Availability of different coins including BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and many more.
  • Ethereum based ERC20 token (DFT) is available on the platform native to DigiFinex
  • Competitive transaction fees (0.20% of the transaction) being charged by the crypto exchange with zero charges on deposit.
  • Available in desktop interface along with iPhone and Android platform.
  • Highly efficient audit system like that of US SEC level.
  • Groundbreaking technology architecture of DigiFinex helps in maintaining a top level of security.
  • Efficient and professional customer service is available 24/7 to aid users or clients.
  • The trading environment is safe with minimal chances of manipulation.
  • High-level security is maintained by platform by keeping the deposits of customers in scalable HDM wallets which can be offline/cold or multilayered hot wallet protected with the special solutions.
  • The platform gives the option of two accounts: General and VIP, where VIP status will increase with the increase in trading volume.
  • Affiliate marketing or reward system of giving discounts to customers only for referring platform to others is offered by the platform of DigiFinex.
  • Except for the users of the US and Singapore, they allow customers all over the world to trade on DigiFinex.
  • How To Use DigiFinex Exchange? | DigiFinex Review

    Like any other crypto exchange, you have to register on DigiFinex by creating your account while submitting some personal details. You have the two options of login, email and phone number but the platform supports the country code of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. (better choose the sign-in option from email). Once you are done with registering process, you are open for investing, marginal trading, spot marketing, contract mining and buying the cryptocurrencies on the platform of DigiFinex. You need to provide the public address of your crypto wallet to transfer the funds for the required operation along with the transaction fees associated with it. As the user interface of the platform is friendly and intuitive, you might be feeling comfortable while performing the operations on DigiFinex.

    While trading on the DigiFinex, you need to choose the “Exchange” section which features the candlesticks model of technical analysis powered by TradingView team which can help you in monitoring the trading pairs. You might find difficulty in reading the charts (based on Chinese traditions) as they signify all the positive changes in red colour and they show the reduction in volume in green colour (as against the normal colour coding system). On the single dashboard, you can find the list of all trading pairs available and on the other side, your order book can be seen. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, you can easily gel up with the platform to utilise the options offered by the DigiFinex as per the DigiFinex review.

    Asian Crypto Markets | Scope Of DigiFinex

    Countries especially Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, etc have a vast community of crypto investors and enthusiasts. The investment in digital assets keeps on increasing considering the inflationary nature of fiat currency because of its dependence on the number of geopolitical factors. Also, the demographic dividend is attracted towards the hi-tech medium of exchange which is based on Blockchain technology, which assures the transactions within a few minutes with the less hassle-free management of deposits (unlike the central banks, which require several documents to open a bank account). DigiFinex with many other exchanges like Huobi, OKex, KuCoin and many more are currently facilitating the users of Asian countries by providing them with maximum facilities to enter into crypto space. The exchanges provide not only normal investment options but the options of spot trading to the users. Some of the exchanges are trying to impart the knowledge of cryptocurrency for better adoption and awareness of the currency.

    Thus, it can be concluded that DigiFinex though underrated but provides every feature which a crypto trader crave for. As per DigiFinex reviews, the platform has the "security" in the priority list and offers the solutions to maintain the same with cutting edge technologies and the hardware wallets. Though DigiFinex is in the nascent stage, it has successfully listed the huge number of trading pairs while offering a different kind of financial instruments. It might not be the bad option to sign in into the account and use it for the trading purposes. So, if you belong to an Asian country or any other except the US and Singapore, then you can try the DigiFinex platform!

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