List Of World’s Richest Bitcoin Owners

Aditya  |  Mar 16, 2020

The popularity of cryptocurrencies, what we see today, is all due to Bitcoin. It is the first digital currency which became a sensation ever since it made its debut on 3rd January 2009. Though there is a misconception or you can say confusion among the people to know about its real founder. Some say it is Satoshi Nakamoto, whereas some consider Craig Wright to be its real founder. But in most of the cases, Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be its real founder. Well, let us not get into much confusion about finding the real person behind the well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Today we are bringing you the list of Top Five famous Bitcoin investors which many of the people are not aware of it. So today you will be getting to know all about them in this blog.

When Bitcoin was initially introduced, there were not many people who were aware of its use. But with time, more and more people came to know about it. It became possible when they explored it by making transactions digitally. Soon they find Bitcoin much promising crypto coin and the best alternative to traditional currencies. When Bitcoin was at its lowest value in its initial days, there were people who due to utmost curiosity, purchased it and now have become the richest Bitcoin owners around the globe. Besides this, some richest Bitcoin owners in India have also become millionaires after obtaining Bitcoin in multiple ways. There were news and articles on digital media about Dragons Den Bitcoin Peter Jones as one of the top investors of cryptocurrency, but the information turned out to be false.

Exploring Bitcoin Millionaires List

Now let us delve into know about all those who had been top 10 richest Bitcoin owners and became richer after owning Bitcoin.


1. Akshay Haldipur


Akshay Haldipur is one of the top Indian Bitcoin owners, who is currently holding 77 BTC. This richest Indian Bitcoin owner is also credited for holding stakes in virtual currencies including Dash and Ripple.

2. Sanket Shah


The Ghatkopar resident first invested in Bitcoin so that he could take care of his daily expenses. He bought his first Bitcoins for $115. However, he had no idea that its prices were going to skyrocket so drastically.

    3. Jugal Sampat


    24-year-old Sampat purchased his first Bitcoin from Mt Gox exchange in March 2013 for $80. As the prices surged within a week, he made a profit of $35 quickly. That was when he decided to involve himself more actively in Bitcoin trading. He even set up a mini mine at home to earn money from Bitcoin mining.

    4. Ankesh Kothari


    29-year0old entrepreneur, Ankesh, got his first Bitcoins as a payment from one of his clients in 2012. The coin was then trading at $7-9. He received more Bitcoins when a Russian offered him Bitcoins for cash in Pune. He has also purchased the shares of a China-based company called ASIC Miner to ensure a steady flow of Bitcoins.

    5. Amit Bhardwaj


    Those of you who know about him would be surprised to find his name on the list. For the ones who don’t know, Amit is an Indian investor and founder of Gain Bitcoin, which carried out a major scam, duping around 8,000 investors of their money. Investigation agencies have accused him of operating a multi-level marketing scheme, which many call Ponzi scheme.


    1. Barry Silbert 


    Barry Silbert is one of the Bitcoin early investors and a founder of the Digital Currency Group. He is the who owns Bitcoin during its initial period. $350 was said to be the price of the Bitcoin at the time of its trading. According to some sources, he brought bitcoins through an auction in the year 2014 from the US government. Today Barry Silbert net worth is supposed to be five hundred million dollars.

    2. Jered Kenna


    Among the list of famous Bitcoin investors is Jered Kenna. He is also among those early investors who initiated in early buying of Bitcoins. Twenty cents were the approximate value of each coin at that time. But later on, when the price of Bitcoin was $258, all the coins were get sold by him. $30 million is supposed to have been earned by him through trading, which is worth acknowledging. It paved him the way to launch multiple projects, including 20Mission and Tradehill.

    3. Satoshi Nakamoto


    Whatsoever confusion might be brewing about the founder of Bitcoin, but somehow he is much considered as its real founder. Despite being a mysterious figure, there are proofs of his email records which he might have shared between developers of Bitcoin. If he seems to be the real founder of the leading cryptocurrency, then there is no doubt to say that he is among those wealthy Bitcoin owners. Satoshi Nakamoto had 1.1 million Bitcoins since the time of its debut venture in the financial market.

    4. Tony Gallippi


    Toni Gallippi has also registered itself in the list of famous Bitcoin investors. He is an entrepreneur who launched Bitpay, a payment processor company for Bitcoin. Twenty million dollars is said to be the company’s worth.

    5. Gavin Andresen


    If there is anyone who is behind the Bitcoin’s consistent success, then it is none other than Gavin Anderson.

    6. Charlie Shrem


    This youngest richest Bitcoin owner is credited to have purchase buy Bitcoins when the trading price was in the range of $4 dollars. When the trading cost peaked to $20, hundreds of Bitcoins became his collection. BitInstant, a well-known crypto exchange was founded by him.

    7. Tim draper


    Among the list of top richest Bitcoin owners is Tim Draper. This billionaire has invested in many new projects. $1 billion is known to the net wealth of Draper.

    8. Dave Carlson


    Listing another richest Bitcoin owner is Dave Carlson. He is known to have generated wealth through intense mining with the best use of his hardware. The credit of founding MegaBigPower goes to him.

    9. Winklevoss Twins


    Winklevoss brothers also come under the list of top richest Bitcoin owners. They are credited for launching several ventures which became a huge success. Besides this, many investments like Bitcoin are made by them. These brothers took the active initiative in owning 1% Bitcoins during its initial days. Today, these brothers are holding $400 million of combined wealth. In 2013, a crypto exchange called Gemini was also launched by these twin brothers. The New York State Department of Financial is known to have licensed it. They successfully settled the ETPs (Exchange-traded products) by winning the patent in the year 2018.



    So these are some of the top richest Bitcoin owners, which most of us may not be aware of too much. But today in this blog, we let you know all about these early investors, who have become so wealthy after they became initial investors of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an undisputed cryptocurrency facing much competition with other alternative cryptocurrencies. But most of the time, it always excels above all. The credit of its success, what it is today goes to all these people who made it famous in its initial days. And especial credit goes to none other than its mysterious founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

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