Loyalty Programs Common to Crypto Sportsbooks

Guest  |  May 26, 2021

The majority of online sportsbooks try to lure customers to register with them. This is done by offering very rewarding sign-up bonuses on first deposits, however, the top bookies in the industry are totally aware of how valuable their regular customers are and also go to great lengths to sustain their regular and faithful customers. This is done by what is regarded as a “loyalty program”. This concept of a loyalty rewards program initially began with the casino industry; however, with the expansion and growth of the online sportsbook industry over the last period of years, consistent players have been consistently rewarded for their consistency. At CryptoBetting, we have provided the top sportsbooks with the best loyalty programs.

It is also sometimes regarded as a “VIP Program”. What it entails is that when you steadily and regularly play at a certain sportsbook, you become entitled to some form of privilege or reward. This could be in the form of cashback bonuses, rebates on each dollar wagered, some other common forms include reduced juice options, such as paying a lesser rate on a bet as against the usual commission rate; thereby helping you save money over a period of time. 

With Loyalty programs, certain promos are also exclusively given to loyal players, such may include a cashback offer; whereas, certain online bookies go further and organize contests for members who are within their loyalty programs. What really makes loyalty programs really good is that they are completely sponsored by the online sportsbooks and the rewards offered are not encumbered by wagering requirements the way welcome bonuses are.

Crypto Sportsbooks and Loyalty Programs

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies into online sports betting, many online sports bettors have embraced this method of payment. This is not surprising as it maintains both the anonymity and secrecy of players. The number of players embracing crypto betting has been on the rise. Hence, it is only fair that crypto sportsbooks provide such players with loyalty programs. 

We have checked out some renowned sportsbooks and some of the loyalty programs common to them.

My Bookie Sports

MyBookie is among the sportsbooks which accept cryptocurrencies from their players. When you register with MyBookie sportsbook, you can easily deposit Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. When you make them, you are then rewarded with some form of crypto rewards. For instance, on MyBookie, two forms of rewards open to loyal cryptocurrency sports bettors. They are Crypto Rewards and Crypto Re-up Bonuses.

Crypto Rewards

Just visualize this as cash yet to be opened up. When you make credit card deposits, they accumulate and you can redeem them when you have made a first cryptocurrency deposit. You might be wondering how this bonus works. Not to worry, we have laid it down for you below.

How does it work?

As you make deposits with your credit card, they continuously accumulate and you get to earn crypto rewards. Up to 10% of your deposit gets included in the balance of your Crypto Rewards and this can accumulate to a total of hundred dollars ($100).

Now, how can this reward be redeemed?

  • Make an initial deposit of at least $45 in form of cryptocurrency 
  • Upon acceptance of your deposit, you’re given a cash reward
  • Make use of the reward to wager as you prefer.

    Crypto Re-Up 

    This is another loyalty reward open to sports bettors. With this bonus, you are granted a cash bonus worth 15% on each cryptocurrency deposit you have made after your initial cryptocurrency deposit. You might be wondering how this bonus works. Not to worry, we have laid it down for you below:

    How does it work?

    You must have made an initial deposit of crypto of at least $45. You should then make a Re-up of $45, that is another crypto deposit of at least $45. You will be rewarded with a 15% cash bonus which reflects in your balance.

    Now, how can this reward be redeemed?

    • Click on Redeem. However, note that your Re-Up balance must be at least $15
    • Note, it comes with a 10x rollover
    • This 10x requirement is applicable just to the Crypto Re-Up bonus
    • The Bonus can be redeemed at any time, it is not capped and so with each deposit you make, it gets bigger and bigger. If you prefer not to use it, you may not, this will in no way disturb you from making withdrawals.


      Also another renowned sportsbook open to cryptocurrency transactions, sportsbet.io also offers crypto players its loyalty program, Clubhouse. As the name depicts, it is exclusive to some members and offers some benefits. This promo is exclusive to its crypto players and players can claim free bets, free spins, and cashing out is instant.

      The loyalty program is categorized into seven layers, each comes with prizes, and earning them is not limited by Playthrough requirements. You do not necessarily need to make use of a bonus or coupon code upon joining. And regardless of whether you had recently lost many games or you’re having the time of your life, with this club, you have a chance of winning huge. The various levels come with their rewards and as you begin to make crypto bets, you will realize that the rewards do not require any Playthrough requirements. 

      With each play you make, the more your points increase. Tracking your progress is also an easy task since once you open an account, a dashboard containing the information of the rewards will be displayed. The Clubhouse is also personalized to each individual and rewards with personalized gifts like a free bet as determined by your gameplay.

      You can also track your progress in real-time. Once you've opened an account and joined The Clubhouse, you'll see a live dashboard, which has live stats and details of the rewards currently available to you.

      The 7 levels of the loyalty program applicable to the sportsbook are graphically represented below:
































      No limit


      It is no doubt that with the wide acceptance of cryptocurrency into online sports betting, many more loyalty programs will be provided for players. Therefore, continue betting with crypto and enjoy exclusive promotions just for you.

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