MakerDAO Launches Bounty Program To Boost Blockchain Gaming

Tarulika  |  Mar 13, 2020

MakerDAO, the organisation which issues the DAI stablecoin, launched a bounty program to boost the gaming industry by deploying the bid for Dai as a real parameter for dollar-pegged value for the video gaming industry.

MakerDAO To Boost Blockchain Gaming

As the DAI has the potential to integrate the concept of Decentralised Finance (DeFi), fiat gateways and the gaming industry, MakerDAO is all set to launch Dai Gaming Initiative Bounty Program which can reward the developers for making the applications. To diversify in the entertainment industry, MakerDAO is open for both legacy and blockchain games by analysing that both are sophisticated strategies which aim to enhance economic intricacies to encourage the engagement of the player.

As per MakerDAO, with the progress of blockchain games in the entertainment industry, the new category of digital assets termed as Non-Fungible Tokens has come into notice. One of the significant features which are suitable for gaming is that of their uniqueness and collectibility.

Thus, the issuer of DAI aims to diversify the crypto space by using Dai in the online gaming industry and by partnering with NFT makers to design Dai-Branded in-game blockchain assets.

Bounty Program To Encourage Developers

The bounty program by MakerDAO is divided into four categories and begin with a prize of 5000 DAI for the most compatible DSR integration to the game.DSR or Dai Saving Rate is a feature of DeFi which allows the holders of DAI to lock their tokens through the smart contract to earn extra Dai as dividends. Two more rewards at 2500 DAI each will be provided for the best player versus player experience and the best player versus evil experience. Last two 1500 DAI rewards will be awarded for the best integration of Dai in video games.

Blockchain gaming had gained traction since the last week when the popular Facebook game FarmVille launched the blockchain network. Also, Horizon Blockchain Games performed the fundraising round in the blockchain games.

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