Malta University Launches Master's Degree Program In Blockchain And DLT Technology

Midhat Ali Shaikh by Midhat Ali Shaikh - 02:22 PM Oct 22, 2019

Malta University Launches Master's Degree Program In Blockchain And DLT Technology 
Malta University has introduced a Master's degree in blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). People now would be able to get a Master's degree in present-day's most demanding technology from the University of Malta.

News of establishing a new Master's degree program revealed by a news outlet, CrowdfundInsider on Oct 21. Along with this, also reported, approx  35 students have been enrolled for the course.

Director of Master's program and chairman of Malta Digital Innovation Authority, Joshua Ellul made a statement at Malta's DELTA Summit on 3rd of October. He said approx 15 of the companies have contacted students of course. He said there is a high demand for government-run blockchain contracts, projects, and initiatives.

Malta's offering course trains the students to have complete command in blockchain law and regulations, business and finance and ICT. Students pursue their proper focus for the complete three semesters while grabbing knowledge of two other fields.

Ellul said to the source that this academic evolution prioritizes a broad base of knowledge. Blockchain professionals were proficient in the area of the industry. But not everyone has the ability to tie the other strands together, he said.

Coders have not much knowledge regarding legal laws and issues, lawmakers do not know how to launch a business the same as a businessman have no idea about how to code. Ellul explained the reason behind the initiation of the innovative program:

"We noticed a huge problem between techies and lawyers and business professionals. There was a communication disconnect between us. We thought: ‘this would be the perfect place to have a master’s, one serving the multidisciplinary purposes of the different specializations."

Specialization Opportunity in ICT, Law or DLT Technology 

In summer 2018, the University of Malta has made a strong partnership with Malta Information. The partnership aims to establish a scholarship fund of €300,000 ($335,000) for blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT)

Course's complete description can be seen on the university's website page. Also, the scope of the course briefly is on the website in the following way.

“The multi-disciplinary Master of Science in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies aims to attract students having an undergraduate first degree in ICT, Business or Law. [...] The program provides both an interdisciplinary view of Blockchain and DLT, as well as a specialization within either an Information and Communications Technology, Law or Business area.”

Malta has earned a nickname of "Blockchain Island" with its DLT, Blockchain, and Crypto friendly regulation.

Moreover, Ellul told to the students at Malta's annual DELTA Summit:

And this year, here you are. “The future Blockchain and DLT specialists – who will lead and drive the Blockchain Island forward.”


Further, the program's one of the heads Gordon Pace told that he explored Europe to speak to field experts: "We had a feeling about what they needed, and  what type of experts they needed.” Further, he said, “Right from the very beginning the idea was to have a broad, yet deep program.

Lawyers Who Code 

Master's program offers students a complete structure in their target discipline with knowledge of fruitful tools in other blockchain sectors.

Pace, devoted much of his career working on software assurance techniques before entering  Crypto academia to study smart contracts. And now he will lecture to students on smart contracts.

Form the beginning of December, He will start giving lectures to lawyers and entrepreneurs about the programming smart contracts.

Jessica Borg is a graduate from the University of Malta in law and business program. She Also took admission again to study blockchain regulation part-time.“We’ve seen a lot of volumes and a lot of interest” in businesses looking to take advantage of Malta’s regulatory landscape, She said. That’s partly why she got admission in the course: “I thought this was spot-on the next step in my regulatory development.”


Revolutionized Technologies 

Program's Director, Ellul even confessed that it is challenging to develop and launch such a program for a rapidly evolving field, in business policies, regulation, and technology. What students grab in a year might quickly pass into irrelevance the next.

But then he said again, almost every tech-minded program has these type of challenges. And the University of Malta will change over time to meet the problems of the day.

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