medGrids Claims A Stellar Debut at the World Blockchain Summit Dubai 2021

Ashna  |  Oct 22, 2021

Taking the entire summit by a storm, medGrids rightfully grabbed the entire gathering by pure appreciation as the Co-founder & CEO, Dr. Rajpushpa Labh made a widely compelling pitch. 

Returning back to Dubai for the first time since the ongoing pandemic, the World Blockchain Summit brought together one of the most elite gatherings from around the world of crypto and blockchain on 13-14 October 2021. Held at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, this year’s summit bore testimony to the fact that no amount of pandemic or a global outbreak can pose a threat to the evolution that is cultivating through technology. And the visionary pitches and presentations of crypto projects from around the world with exponential potential is proof enough- Crypto and Blockchain are unstoppable!

Among the many presentations that were deeply engrossed in decentralizing industries with their inspired ideas, medGrids, a decentralized healthcare project evidently managed to swoop the crowd off their feet. The engagement in the Q&A that followed, remarkably instated the demanding market and the recognition of that very need at present.  

medGrids- Decentralizing The Future of Digital Healthcare    

Incubated by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, medGrids represents a unique mix of expertise that is nurturing and cultivating the impressive design of this decentralized healthcare ecosystem. medGrids offers itself as a blockchain-powered healthcare data and delivery ecosystem curated to seep ease into the pain points of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. 


Studded deep in the blockchain and under the expertise of industry veterans, the Co-Founder of medGrids, Dr. Labh defined- 

“medGrids is a platform that consists of 5 different solutions, which caters to the unique pain points- unique pain areas, that we have seen as practicing in this field for more than a decade”

Moving on in his presentation, Labh proudly introduced two solutions- medSure and medSheets. Successfully launched on 21st October 2021, Dr. Labh introduced the medSure as the first-ever, NFT tagged anti-counterfeiting and anti-hoarding track and trace solution. Against the bouts of counterfeiters, medSure offers a full track and trace solution for supply chain management with real-time tracking, inventory reports, etc. 


The second solution, medSheets is a healthcare service aggregator that is designed to ultimately offer a one-stop platform for all healthcare deliveries. From booking a consultation to ordering medical products and labs, basically, anything that is deliverable in healthcare can be found on medSheets. One of the unique features of this solution offers a two-fold structure that by its design builds an unhackable and immutable electronic health record (EHR) as the patient migrates through the application. 

Above all, medGrids stands proudly as completely decentralized, offering trust and reliability studded in a technologically advanced secure ecosystem. Moreover, the EHR built for the patients is customized to be monetized where control lies completely at the patient’s mercy. With a built-in consent management system, medGrids has transformed healthcare data sharing into an authentic, consensual, and monetized view with the potential to liberate the siloed stacks of data imprisoned at centralized alters. 

Healthcare- In A Compelling Need For Blockchain

As crypto advanced into consuming almost all financial services into a decentralized alternative, other sectors including technology, media, energy, agriculture, healthcare, etc. have come to recognize the demanding space of pain points behind the disintegrating services. In the light of the recent events, as the pandemic exposed the fragility that denotes the current supply chains and other trade operations, upgrading their infrastructure through technology into a digitized epiphany is no longer an option, it’s a necessity, especially in healthcare.

Along with the support and guidance of industry experts from healthcare, blockchain, and IT, medGrids is leading digital healthcare onto a data transformational journey that dawns out the centralized hold, only to be alleviated by patient centricity and control. As the pandemic abandoned masses to struggle and fend for their lives in the midst of a market captivated deeply by counterfeiters and illicit black market participants, the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is gnawing to be salvaged by a more secure interoperability induced network. 

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