Miami-Dade Planning a CTF to Allow Residents to Pay Taxes in Bitcoin
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Miami-Dade Planning a CTF to Allow Residents to Pay Taxes in Bitcoin

April 17, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

Miami-Dade officials are planning to launch a CTF, crypto task force that will be allowing the residents to pay taxes in Bitcoin. As reported by back in the month of February, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez supports the idea of the city holding BTC in their treasury and even allowing tax payments in BTC as well.

Miami-Dade Officials to Launch CTF, Allowing Residents to Pay Taxes in Bitcoin

The report published by revealed that there are chances that the city might launch the concept of tax payments soon. This is because Danielle Cohen Higgins, the District 8 County Commissioner has pushed for the acknowledgment of a Miami-Dade digital currency task force.

Mayor Francis Suarez told the audience a few years ago at TNABC, The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, that he desired the city to become a blockchain and crypto hub for revolution.

Later, seeing the rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies in the year 2021, Suarez has forced the city to hold BTC in the treasure along with a desire to allow tax payments in it as well. 

At that time, the commissioners of the city voted in support of the crypto infrastructure and holding the dominating crypto asset in the treasure of the state as well.

Danielle Cohen Higgins recently told Miami News-Times, the news publication that a resolution has been submitted to the city Infrastructure, Operations, and Innovations Committee.

The latest report from Miami New Times shows that the resolution hopes to supplicate a crypto task force consisting of a total of 13 members.

Cohen Higgins released a statement in an interview that read:

“The item would establish a task force that could delve into the feasibility of using cryptocurrency in Miami-Dade County, to explore any potential benefits and pitfalls that could result from its use. It is important to explore all avenues that can support an expanding tech and startup presence to benefit our economy.”

Alluring Technology Industry to Miami

The District 8 County Commissioner has been trying to allure the technology industry to come to the state for years and various businesses moguls from Silicon Valley have taken him up on this offer.

JD Ross, the cofounder of Ibuying Startup Opendoor shared a tweet on January 10 that said:

“Visiting Miami right now and I think I’ve seen more people from SF here than I saw in SF last year.”

Concluding his statement, Danielle Copen Higgins said:

“I would love for the tech boom that’s already underway to root itself in South Miami-Dade County. I would love for them to consider us and for us to have a seat at the table. If we were to have a tech or innovation park [in South Dade], that would be really helpful.”

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Sahaj Sharma
Sahaj Sharma

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