Multigame Bringing Gamefi and NFTs Together

Sandeep  |  Aug 24, 2021

I'm still very much excited about the play-to-earn gaming industry and why not? This space is every crypto enthusiast and gaming nerd's dream. I like to make money and have fun and the same goes for a lot of smart people that I know. If you know you're smart and are open to money-making opportunities, you should read on to know about the project I'll be talking about in this article. 


Built on the Binance Smart Chain network, Multigame is a GameFi & multitasking NFT platform. The platform provides an accelerator role for other NFT & gaming startups and it also develops separate GameFi projects. Multigame in the initial stage of development focuses on six important features:

  • Farming — By joining the Farming $MULTI (Multigame's native token), users get more $MULTI without doing anything else.
  • Simple Launchpad — Multigame provides a simple LaunchPad solution where other GameFi & NFTs projects can sell their tokens. This Launchpad is integrated with the IDO feature. This feature means whenever you open the Magic Box on the platform and luckily receive rare NFTs, you will be able to participate in a whitelist to buy in the IDO of that project. 
  • Fair-launch — With the fair launch feature, in the initial stages, fair campaigns will be launched for $MULTI (Multigame Token). To make it real and easier to understand, Multigame designed Tokenomics around it. I'll talk about that further down in this article. While the token is simple in its design, it is very impressive in its use cases and the community is sure to love it.
  • Initial NFTs Offering (INO) — Here, users can sell their NFTs Magic Box with exclusive offers. Multigame will apply this feature first and then other projects can be involved in it. 
  • GameFi Product — Multigame has developed its GameFi which is focusing on the general trends of the market. This step shows how much support Multigame is giving GameFi & NFTs projects through modern features. 
  • Marketplace — The marketplace on Multigame is the only marketplace for all GameFi & NFTs projects that allows its users to trade NFTs. You can conveniently sell your NFTs or buy from other players. 
  • Token Utilities 

    The developers behind Multigame have designed the platform to offer both investors and NFT collectors many privileges and unique benefits by holding the $MULTI token. Some of these privileges include:

    Farming: Farming on the platform will help a user gain new $MULTI tokens without them doing anything extra.

    Auto NFTs Reward: By holding or farming $MULTI, users will be able to automatically receive rewards in the form of new NFTs on the platform. This is supported by the NFTs Reward Pool. 

    INO: By holding or farming $MULTI, users will get the right to participate IN the Initial NFT Offerings (INO) that are held by Multigame.

    Discount in the Marketplace: By using $MULTI to trade NFTs in the marketplace, you get to save more and get better deals than when you use other tokens e.g the $BNB token. 

    NFT Utilities 

    • Ability to Create Your Character 
    • INO Allocation for NFT Holders
    • IDO Participation
    • NFTs Reward Pool Support
    • Token Allocation and Vesting 


      Token Name: Multigame 

      Token Ticker: MULTI 

      Network: Binance Smart Chain

      Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 

      Initial Information

      Initial Price: $0.022

      Initial Circulating: 25,000,000 

      Initial Market Cap: $550,000

      Trading at: Pancakeswap 

      Allocation & Vesting

      • Fair-launch Farming (69.5%): 3 years of farming
      • Liquidity pool & future listing (10%): Not for distribution. 
      • Private sale (10%): 20% TGE unlocked over a 12-month vesting period. 
      • Community incentive program: This will follow a 2 years linear schedule. 
      • Public sale (0.5%): 100% TGE unlocked
      • Initial NFTs Offering (INO)

        The Initial NFTs Offering (INO) is a feature that helps GameFi & NFTs projects to sell NFTs with exclusive offers in the early stages. When a user opens the Magic Box on the platform, they will receive NFT’s that are in sync with the ongoing project. If the user is lucky, they can receive some NFTs that are very rare.

        Multigame is setting up relationships with many Gaming projects and this allows holders of the $MULTI token to be able to pre-purchase NFTs of these projects in their early stages.

        The NFT the user gets will have extra utilities depending on the different projects and the user will also get the privileges that accompany them.

        What's a Magic Box? 

        A Magic Box is an NFT released by Multigame and it is integrated with ECHO; A fictional story developed by Multigame. There are two types of Magic Boxes:

        • Common Box: This costs $79/box. When a user opens the box, they receive Multigame NFTs of Multigame. 
        • IDO Box: This box is rare and it appears randomly when you buy a Common Box. If you receive this box, you will be on the whitelist to buy $MULTI in the token sale campaign at Simple LaunchPad.
        • The first INO of Multigame will allow users to buy the Magic Box at $29/box for 20 boxes/user. 

          Multigame x CoinMarketCap $20,000 Airdrop Campaign 

          • Timeline: August 18, 2021 — August 28, 2021
          • Total Airdrop Amount: 909,000 $MULTI
          • Number of Winners: 3000
          • Follow this link to know more about the Airdrop:
          • How to sign up for the INO Whitelist?

            Only INO whitelisted users can buy the Magic Box on 28th August 2021. You can follow the instructions below to sign up for the INO Whitelist:

            • Complete the requirements in the link below:
            • (You'll need 10 entries to complete the whitelist registration)

              • The top 50 performers (based on the number of entries) will own the IDO Box and can join the $MULTI token sale on August 30th, 2021.
                • 450 lucky people who join INO on August 28th, still stand a chance to win 450 IDO Boxes.
                • You can read about Multigame's token sale (IDO) & Pancakeswap Listing here

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