MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) Technical Analysis: The Critical Point Is $17-$20

Peter  |  Aug 3, 2021

The crypto project MyNeighborAlice crypto in a short time won the hearts of many investors in the cryptocurrency market. Since starting trading on the Binance exchange on 15 March 2021, the ALICE token price rose from $0.09 to $20. To begin, we want to draw your attention to the daily timeframe:


ALICE Crypto Price Flight Restrains the Range of $17-$20

As we can see, buyers were able to stop the fall of the ALICE token price in the range of $3.75-$4.2. The high probability of this range is the bottom for the coin confirms the trading volumes. Moreover, on 20 July, when buyers reaffirmed their control of the ALICE market and allowed sellers to only touch the range of $3.75-$4.2, a powerful growth wave began. During this growth, the ALICE price increased by 260% in 9 days. The trading volumes were as high as possible.

However, to continue the ALICE coin growth, buyers should take control of the range of $17-20. After an unsuccessful attempt by buyers to break through this range in May 2021, the ALICE price began a downtrend with a final target of $3.17. The power of this range is felt now as buyers have just approached it.

Analyzing the placement of liquidity in the ALICE market on a 4-hour timeframe, we can identify the main critical points for continued price growth.

ALICE Coin Technical Analysis on a 4-Hour Timeframe

Increased interest in buying ALICE lasted from 23 to 27 July. On the chart, we see it all started in the range of $7.2-$8. Buyers experienced the first problems in the range of $11.5-$12. Just before this range, the token price began to slow down. Critical volumes in the ALICE market were fixed just after breaking the range of $11.5-$12. Therefore, if buyers maintain this range during the current attack of sellers, we expect the ALICE price growth to be $17-$20.

The high probability of this scenario is also confirmed by the ALICEBTC chart:


At the moment, the ALICEBTC price is trying to fix within the upper limit of consolidation. If buyers keep this range, we will see a new wave of ALICE price growth.

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