Nestle Partners With Rainforest Alliance For More Transparency in Coffee

Zain  |  Apr 7, 2020

Nestle, the beverage giant, has entered a new partnership with the Rainforest Alliance to increase the horizon and use of the IBM Food Trust blockchain technology platform in Sweden to its Zoesgas coffee. QR codes have been developed and put on the packaging of the new range of Zoegas whole bean, roast and ground coffee products, 100% certified by Rainforest Alliance.

The QR codes provided will help the customers to trace the place of origin and where the coffee is coming from. To ensure transparency, Nestle has taken the step of utilizing the Rainforest's Alliance. The rainforest alliance offers it's own certified information which 100% assures the traceability of the coffee.

The data will include information, not just about the coffee in but also about 5he farmers who cultivated it, what time they harvested it, the duration of roasting, and how it was shipped.

Nestle Has Been in The Blockchain Game For Long

Nestle has been in the blockchain game for three years now, after becoming a founding member of the IBM Food Trust. Ever since then, Nestle has taken various measures and joined hands with a lot of blockchain partners to increase the transparency in its supply food chain.

It entered a partnership with French Retailer Carrefour, which helped it trace and track Mousline mashed potato products. A similar deal with OpenSc for products such as milk and oil was done too.

A statement from the company said: "Nestlé continues to leverage technologies to create better visibility of the whole value chain of its products and lead in making the supply chain more transparent."

All these partnerships done by Nestle were to utilize blockchain in its supply chain and to increase the transparency in its network. It also provided its customers am authentic way via QR codes to rest assured about what they're buying and from where.

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