New Bitcoin Wallet Responds to Terrible UX by Hiding Addresses
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New Bitcoin Wallet Responds to Terrible UX by Hiding Addresses

December 4, 2019      Richard M Adrian

Spanish Developer Jose Fermenias Canuelo launched a new Bitcoin wallet whose aim is to widen crypto adoption, by making address simple and memorable. Easy-peasy, which is the name of the wallet;  is meant to address Bitcoin’s shortcomings with user experience.

Canuelo was dissatisfied with the complexity of bitcoin account addresses. Hence, he wanted to walk away from the tedious mix of alphanumeric characters that are complex to grasp and memorize. By simplifying the addresses, Canuelo hopes more people will get attracted to Bitcoin.

Canuelo: BTC addresses “not for humans”

In fact, the Spaniard describes Bitcoin’s UX as terrible and not suitable for novice traders. He wrote: 

“Bitcoin addresses are really not meant for humans. Nobody should be forced to make or receive payments to a crypto-address, much as nobody expects you to navigate the world wide web just by using IP addresses,” 

Meanwhile, the wallet service will allow three more formats for Bitcoin account users. Which are primarily designed for a more user-friendly account identifier ; to which transactions can send crypto funds rather than the usual Bitcoin addresses. 

Moreover, in the background of the wallet masking, the funds will be delivered to the appropriate Bitcoin addresses; as with any other transaction.

In addition, the developer also promised that they made sure nor address would be used more than once. 

Nonetheless, several firms have provided similar solutions over time. For instance back in 2014 and the 2018  Ethereum Name Service for Ether transactions. The crypto community seemed surprised by the new wallet, with several of them such as Bitcoin educator Jimmy Song claiming the concept was “Interesting” Song said in a tweet following the launch of EasyPaysy: 

“I haven’t thought through the downsides, but allows for much easier-to-remember IDs than addresses that we use today. From a UI perspective, big win as it’s easy to remember and print on business cards,”

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