NFL Star Rob Gronkowski NFT Collection Brings $1.6 Million in Sales
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NFL Star Rob Gronkowski NFT Collection Brings $1.6 Million in Sales

March 15, 2021      Jafrin Ahmed

NFL star, Rob Gronkowski’s Championship Series NFT trading cards have sold for more than $1.6 million or 830 Ether (ETH) in sales at an auction on the OpenSea NFT market. The NFT includes five different tokenized cards depicting in-game action shots of the player during championship-winning games.

Rob Gronkowski Championship Series NFT Collection Sold for 830 Ether

The Rob Gronkowski Championship Series NFT Collection series consists of five unique collectibles. Each of the trading cards included Gronkowski’s four Super Bowl wins, plus the final career highlight card.

The fifth card features artwork from all four of his Super Bowl appearances. 87 editions were available for each of the four main cards, in reference to Gronkowski’s jersey number. However, the fifth card is limited to just a single edition.

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Four of the NFTs that were minted were auctioned from March 11 until March 13. In total, 349 total cards sold.

The bidding for the NFT cards began at roughly $110 to pushing above six-figures.

“GRONK Championship LI” card got sold for 14.2 Ether or $26,000, while “GRONK Championship LV” bought 7.77 Ether worth $14,000.

During the closing stages of the auction, bidders pushed the price from $150,000 to more than $400,000 within two hours. Bidder “9DD7B7” bought the token for 229 Ether, worth roughly $430,000 at the time.

The buyer of the fifth NFT cards will receive the opportunity to meet the star, in addition to two tickets to attend one of his NFL games in 2021, and VIP tickets to Gronkowski’s next beach party event.

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Gronk’s NFT Trading Card Collection is a First for an NFL Player

Gronk’s NFT trading card collection is a first for an NFL player. This could potentially open the doors for more players to follow in Gronk’s footsteps.

In a similar instance, NBA’S NFT trading card series ‘NBA Topshot’ features highlights called moments that brought in over $200 million in February alone.

March has been the busiest month for NFTs, with the Kings of Leon band generating more than $2 million after launching a tokenized album. Meanwhile, an NFT representing a painting by renowned street artist, Banksy was sold for roughly $400,000.

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