Latest Nft News

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world assets like arts, videos, and in-game items. People buy and sell NFTs online using cryptocurrencies. These NFTs are usually encoded with the same underlying software that is seen in many cryptocurrencies. Although NFTs have existed since 2014, you will know they have become immensely popular these days if you keep track of NFT news. Since 2017, almost $200 million of investment has been made in NFT projects. At Cryptoknowmics, we aim to acquaint our readers and subscribers with the most complicated facets of the crypto world. This entails introducing them to complex and highly technical concepts such as DeFi and NFTs to help them form a solid understanding of the crypto world. Thus, we dish out all the latest non fungible tokens news to keep everyone informed and updated on the same. As a highly reliable source of all crypto information, Cryptoknowmics has become one of the most sought-after platforms for real-time NFT news today and continues catering to the ever-rising demands of every crypto enthusiast out there.

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