NFT Gains $1 Million In Volume In Last Week’s Token Sale

Jyoti  |  Sep 14, 2020

The demand for non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the year 2020, has been exploding in the market. A week ago, at the time of the NFT sale, the volume of token escalated near $1 million dollars. 

During the sale, the Sorare fantasy soccer card game which is based on blockchain experienced its value reached over $221,000.

9,353 NFTs Sold

As per the report, in the present year, the demand for NFT is increasing substantially. The verifiable digital scarcity concept of the token has been experiencing a huge inflow of the funds to the industry.

According to the data released by, a total of 9353 NFT tokens had been sold in the last seven days. Also, the trading volume of NFT reaches $988,649. 

As per the recent statistics, this week the average price of a single NFT has reached $105. 

The report further stated that after the last week’s sale Sorare, Cryptopunks and Superrare are considered to be the three biggest players in the NFT space. 

Sorare is a fantasy soccer game that allows the players to collect limited editions of it.

It is to be noted that during the last week’s sale the value of the token was $221,052.

Cryptopunks, which has 10,000 unique collectable characters, experienced its price after the sale of $182,619. Lastly, the value of Superrare, during the sale was $93,733.

Trending Artists After Sale

Additionally, it has been reported that to date, Superrare has sold rare digital artwork in 178 countries around the world. With the help of that sale, Superrare was able to generate over $565,000.

After the sale _totemical, godfreymeyer, sveneberwein, coldie and giantswan are considered to be the trending artists.

Notably, a lot of sale of NFT has happened because of Foam Signal, Decentraland, Makersplace, and so on.

One of the twitter users named @Dclblogger has recently talked about metaverse growth and NFTs catching fire. In his tweet, he mentioned that non-fungible space is interrupting a total of 25 industries.

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