Novogratz Believes Bitcoin Can Change System and Bring Social Justice
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Novogratz Believes Bitcoin Can Change System and Bring Social Justice

October 1, 2020      Vandana Malik

Mike Novogratz, the founder of Galaxy Digital, has yet again talked about the bullish trend of Bitcoin. He believes that Bitcoin is having the potential to change the whole system and bring social justice. According to him, Bitcoin is not just a cryptocurrency or digital asset, but as a revolution to bring changes to the system. 

Mike Novogratz in his recent tweets talks about the reason why he got into crypto and why he is mostly attracted to Bitcoin in particular. 

Novogratz Sees Bitcoin As a Revolution

According to Novogratz, he found himself getting fascinated by Bitcoin because he sees it as a revolution. He believes that Bitcoin, in the future, can change the whole system. He also mentioned that this is the main reason why he has been advocating about Bitcoin for a really long time. He has been outspoken about social justice for a really long time and the goal of Bitcoin is a lot more similar to this. 

Furthermore, Novogratz is also willing to donate his Bitcoin to charity. When he tweeted about Bitcoin stating it as a revolution, one of his followers has asked him whether he is willing to give his Bitcoins to charity when the price will hit $100,000. He replied by saying “most of it”, that means he is willing to donate most of his Bitcoins when the price hits $100k.

Clashing Views With Coinbase CEO

It has been seen that the views of Novogratz are clashing with that of Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. This is because Armstrong has published a public letter in which he has directed all of his employees to stay away from politics. Not only his employees, but he has also urged other crypto companies as well by saying that one should stay out of controversies and focus more on their customers and products. Right after this public letter, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has slammed Armstrong in his tweet by saying that he should focus more on the Bitcoin-related issues that their customers are facing.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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