OKEx Announces Partnership With Skew To Promote Transparency

Jyoti  |  May 13, 2020

Lennix Lai, the director of the financial market at OKEx, largest crypto derivatives exchanges in the world, has announced that on May 13, the company has collaborated with the blockchain analytical and tracking platform, Skew, to improve its transparency.

OKEx, in its blog post, mentioned that this latest agreement would provide a more sense of belonging to the users and they will also get information about the OKEx market microstructure and matrix.

OKEx To Integrate Dashboard On Skew

For the very first time, any exchange would integrate a dashboard on blockchain analytical network and that would help the users to get access to the trading data of OKEx.

Skew is a highly reliable and credible platform for derivatives trading data and that is the reason OKEx partnered with it. According to the derivatives exchange, Skew is among those significant platforms that provide in-depth information of cryptocurrency to the industry.

Reliable And Transparent Platform

While talking about the merger, the CEO of OKEx, Jay Hao, said that both companies aim is same and now, as they would be working together they will improve the transparency of the crypto industry.

He further mentions that in today’s time, most traders in the crypto space go after reliability and transparency, as a partner OKEx and Skew would provide the user what they need.

Quentin Issele, the VP of Financial Market, also shared his view and said, “We welcome this partnership with Skew as OKEx is always keen to bring to the trading community smarter market analytics and make the market more resilient. We are confident that this initiative will lead to a wider understanding of the dynamics of digital asset derivatives and a deeper appreciation of their potentialities”.

Emmanuel Goh, the CEO and the co-founder of Skew, is delighted with this latest partnership and while expressing his gratitude, he said that Skew and OKEx together would work hard to improve the transparency in the crypto space.

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