Optimism’s Latest Upgrade Makes Easier Layer 2 Deployment

Jafrin  |  Sep 20, 2021

Ethereum scaling solution Optimism has announced its latest upgrade will make it easier for developers to deploy smart contracts to L2.

Optimism Will Enable One-Click Rollup Deployment

According to a blog post published on Sept. 18, the latest upgrade of the Optimism scaling solution will make it easier for developers to launch Ethereum-native protocols on its network with just one click by the end of next month.

Per the post, Optimism has trimmed its code to extend beyond the traditional Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility to achieve “EVM equivalence” by shrinking the protocol down to its most lightweight and efficient form possible.

As part of the upgrade, Optimism’s custom compiler was deleted alongside more than “25,000 lines” of other code as part of the upgrade. It added that it has worked from Ethereum’s yellow paper to provide a solution for one of its most popular clients, the Geth Ethereum client.

“Building an EVM-compliant rollup poses an even greater challenge: supporting the entire Ethereum stack within the new science. Re-implementing security-critical EVM features is costly; every additional line of code introduces the risk of vulnerabilities.”

By building on top of an existing Ethereum client it can inherit any improvements made to Ethereum client code and vice versa. The main intention behind this includes alternative node implementations possible with “under 1000 lines of code.”

Optimism Bridge Has a Total Value Locked of $37 Million

The one-click smart contract deployment is coming next month which means Ethereum-based projects can deploy to Optimism without changing their code, “any tooling that can run on Ethereum will run identically on Optimistic Ethereum.”

According to Dune Analytics, the Optimism Ethereum bridge has a total value locked of $37 million, though this figure is lower compared to rival L2 platform Arbitrum.

Arbitrum’s bridge has $2.7 billion in collateral locked, followed by the Polygon ERC-20 Bridge with nearly $2.35 billion, the Avalanche Bridge with $1.86 billion, and the Fantom Anyswap Bridge with $476 million.

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