Radar launches its latest product Deploy – a node operations platform
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Radar launches its latest product Deploy – a node operations platform

November 5, 2019      Debarati Ghosh

Blockchain startup company Radar announced to launch its latest product DEPLOY. Well, DEPLOY is a node operations platform that will help the developers to build applications on the blockchain network. And developers will be able to launch their own Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes through the platform.  Also, developers will be able to build Any kind of services like digital wallets and financial applications like Defi, hedge funds, market makers or any blockchain application through it. And the platform will also scale the applications, ensure reliability and customize the infrastructure according to the need.

After discussing the current scenario with developers from blockchain, the company realized the developers need a platform that is more reliable and customizable or “blockchain infrastructure control panels; off-the-shelf solutions for spinning up, monitoring, and managing nodes with enough customization and control to work for anyone,” – according to Radar.

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Also according to the CEO of Radar, Alan Curtis, “Right now, talented teams using blockchain are focused on figuring out how to manage nodes instead of their users,” Radar CEO Alan Curtis said on Twitter. “This isn’t working. These teams are struggling. Customers are suffering. Our industry is stuck. Teams need a safe and simple way to spin up and manage infrastructure.”

Idea of DEPLOY

Radar also created RELAYwhich is a wallet to wallet platform for token trading built on Ethereum blockchain. Radar aimed to make RELAY a global application in 150 countries with millions of dollars in token to be traded. And to achieve this, the team relied on the existing infrastructure and soon realized its unsuitability and non-reliability. Which led the team to innovate and launch DEPLOY.

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According to Radar, “NodeOps platforms, will transform the world of developing blockchain applications; making it significantly easier to create and manage nodes while maintaining the ability for customization. With DEPLOY, developers can customize node setup, choosing from Bitcoin and Ethereum, various chain clients, and spinning up nodes that are shared on owned entirely.”

The Chief Technology Officer at Paradigm Labs stated, “Ensuring consistent access to multiple Ethereum networks for development and production has been an important and daunting task for us. We have gone through manually managing clusters and other remote providers. DEPLOY provides, by far, the best and most customizable experience for us to manage Etherum infrastructure without having to worry about network configuration, software updates or other dev-ops concerns allowing us to focus on building and shipping our software systems.”

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The main customizable features of DEPLOY are –

  • Developers will be able to choose networks by spinning up and managing the nodes to operate the blockchains.
  • Developers can choose between Bitcoin Core or BTDC clients with Bitcoin nodes and Parity or Geth clients with Ethereum nodes.
  • Also, middleware can be added to the infrastructure stack easily with the DEPLOY marketplace.
  • Where owned nodes will provide full control, share nodes will allow to access the blockchain at lower cost.
  • Testnet can be used to play around with Psuedo data when on Mainnet real information and money will be present.
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Debarati Ghosh
Debarati Ghosh

Debarati is a finance MBA who is a keen observer of the current crypto currency market. She likes to read and write about the game changer and industry transforming news of the market.