Record-Breaking P2P Bitcoin Trading By United States

Jyoti  |  Jun 12, 2020

UsefulTulips recently released a data explaining that in the week of June 07, the trading activity of peer-to-peer Bitcoin has reached an all-time high in the US.

Within seven days, the Bitcoin worth around $29 million has been transferred to another owner on Localbitcoins and Paxful, the leading P2P marketplace, for the US dollars.

North America And Middle East Shows Growth

Apart from North America and the Middle East/North Africa, no other region has shown growth in trading volume, in the past seven days.

It is to be noted that Paxful in the United States has traded Bitcoin worth more than $24 million and the Localbitcoins has traded $4.6 million worth Bitcoin.

The P2P marketplace of Canada has traded around $1 million worth of Bitcoin on its platform, in the past week.

For North America, the past week is considered to be the second-strongest on the record because it traded $29.8 million worth Bitcoin in a week.

May 20, 2018, is the strongest on record till date for North America because, at that time, it traded Bitcoins worth $30.2 million.

Several Countries P2P Trading Activity 

The Nigerian P2P trade has shown the volume records in the past several weeks but now it appears that its trading volume is stable. During weekly trade, the Nigerian P2P Bitcoin marketplace generated $8.76 million.

In the last week of April, the volume of Russian P2P market was fallen by 7.5 percent and at that time, it generated more than $8.4 million in the weekly trading. After the Russian market falls the Nigerian market expanded and last week it was transferred to another owner worth $7.81 million.

In the week of June 07, the fourth-largest P2P market of the world, Venezuela, experienced that by a couple of percentages the trading volume increase in the country.

In the past week, the P2P trade between the British pound and Bitcoin edged past $4 million which has been followed by China, Colombia and India.

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