Revolutionizing Crypto Transactions: The Role of Gold Standard Banking

Godfrey  |  Dec 17, 2020

The remodeling of cryptocurrency transactions to make them safer, faster and in compliance with the regulator’s demands remains one of the core innovative challenges in the blockchain ecosystem. Many new blockchain and cryptocurrency-based projects are thus springing forth on a daily basis to lend their expertise in addressing or bringing new innovations that are capable of revamping the cryptocurrency transaction landscape. 

The Blockchain technology space as we have it today now has numerous amount of specialized networks ranging from the Bitcoin Blockchain Network, the Ethereum Blockchain Network, the EOS blockchain network amongst others. Based on well-published researches, the average transaction time in Bitcoin networks is between 5 minutes to an hour, while the Ethereum network processes transactions relatively faster at an average of 15 seconds to 5 minutes if the standard gas fee is paid. 

The EOS network even offers a much faster transaction speed of 1.5 seconds backing the hypothesis that new projects can ultimately come to unseat these existing blockchain networks

Gold Standard Banking to Enhance Cryptocurrency Transactions

The Gold Standard Banking (GSB) Corporation AG is one of the new firms entering the space with defined and unique capabilities through its G999 Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) platform. Per an earlier Cryptoknowmics report, the G999 is a unique electronic money system that features both a card device and app all in one with the ultimate aim of making crypto transactions safer, faster, and user friendly.

As a relatively new project, the GSB-backed G999 is currently working to build their product differentiation which besides the card device also features a G999 coin. The G999 blockchain network has a multi-feature that seeks to complement the crypto transaction provisions of the entire blockchain network.

Of the unique applications that will run in tandem with the cryptocurrency transaction offering of the G999 blockchain is the secure G999 blockchain communication system, and the G999 Voice Chat and Email over Blockchain service. All of these innovations operate bearing into focus the core tenets of decentralization, freedom, and light-speed transactions.

The G999 blockchain network operates on the model known as the Proof-of-Stack model and according to the Chief Executive Officer of the Gold Standard Banking Group of companies, anyone can build on the G999 blockchain ecosystem as it is open source.

The Place of the G999 Coin in the Ecosystem

The development of the G999 Blockchain network seeks to offer its prospective community members the uniqueness that other blockchains offer plus more. This is why it designed the G999 coin with Masternode provisions that can aid interested investors to earn a passive income.

Despite the G999 coin price not yet widely acclaimed as the process of listing the coin on mainstream exchanges is still advancing, investors can purchase the coin at

As a modified Proof-of-Stake blockchain, G999 has capabilities for 4000 masternodes having a precise amount of coins generated in each block and a limited number of masternodes with rewards that are calculated so every masternode owner can have a constant and safe income.

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