Defining The Meaning Of Seed Phrases In Cryptocurrency

Aditya  |  Jun 24, 2020

Cryptocurrencies comprise a lot of important terminologies, which are being used in the context of developments in the crypto world. Now being a crypto enthusiast, you must be abreast of crypto news, to know all the latest developments which are taking place in the crypto world. But more than that you need to know these terms. So today we are going to tell you about the seed phrase. Seed phrases can be defined as a table of words where information is being stored to recuperate on-chain Bitcoin funds. It is generated by the wallet software which instructs a user for penning it down on paper. The purpose behind this operation is very useful, for a valid reason. Suppose, a computer on which a user has been working on, gets shattered or the hard drive gets corrupted, then there is a provision of re-downloading the similar wallet software and can even utilize the paper as a backup source to bring back the bitcoins.

Now there can be a risk related to seed phrase, because if it gets discovered by anyone else, then bitcoins can be stolen. So treat your crypto coins as essential entities akin to cash and jewels. The website is not the right option to type it. A seed phrase is the best platform for back-up and keeping all your bitcoins securely and is being used by authenticated wallets. But this operation (seed phrase) is only applicable for backup funds on the blockchain. Otherwise, fund storage is not possible in transactions that are off-chain. Lightning Network is one such example. Since this technology is in its early stage, so it might become possible to expect the use of seed phrases for backup purposes. Electrum wallet is the best example in making the best use of its standard.

Seed phrases can also be defined in a more simplified way. A list of words is taken from the dictionary by the wallet software, with assigning each word with a number. Changing can be possibly done from seed phrase to a number via seed integer to settled wallet, where there can be all used key pairs. If you are thinking to invent seed phrases on your own, then better come out of this wrong notion.

It is all because humans are not perfect in creating randomness. So better not experiment and allow this task to wallet software, to make you write down the phrase. A seed phrase is familiar with usual language words and has a brilliant feature for correcting errors. It is still possible to read out the words that do not seem good in writing. Even if there is any letter that has been skipped or any word which is hard to read, still, there is a possibility that word can be deducted.

When seed phrase words which are drawn from the word list is chosen very cautiously to make the first four-letter identified. It can be well compared with the raw private key that is written down. Even a single letter that is either wrong or can’t be read can drive to make private key worthless.


So now you know the meaning of seed phrases in cryptocurrency. These lines of words are created by the wallet software giving instructions to the user for writing down on paper. The operation is very important because it is helpful in the solution. At times when the user’s computer gets destroyed or if hard drive becomes dysfunctional, then the seed phrase becomes useful in downloading the same wallet software again. So it is a positive term that is beneficial for the users. The paper backup can be used to get back the bitcoins back. To get any update about cryptocurrency, then better follow live crypto news.

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