Sony Invests in Securitize Through its VC Fund SFV

Tarulika  |  Feb 5, 2020

Sony, the famous Japanese multinational group has invested in Securitize, a blockchain-oriented company which aids in issuing compliant security tokens. Sony invested through Sony Financial Ventures (SFV), the venture capital fund of the company.

The recent investment extended the funds of Securitise by $14 million from V.C. firms that include the investments from Partners, Santander InnoVentures and also Blockchain Capital.

Securitize Rising as the Architect of Digital Markets

Securitize has developed the Digital Securities Protocol to assist the issuance of security tokens as well as facilitating the management through secondary markets. 

According to Carlos Domingo, CEO and co-founder of Securitize, the investments assures that the Securitize is rising as one of the significant architects of the digital capital markets. The recent step of Sony signifies that the digital assets are considered as the future of global capital markets.

Junji Nakamura, director of SFV, finds the Securitize as the world-class platform which is deploying blockchain technology for creating new asset class. Sony is positively looking to create new values with the investments.

Japanese Market Interest in Security Tokens

Security Tokens are considered as the latest innovation in the crypto market to attract fresh investments. The tokens exhibit the blockchain-based digital units which are backed by the assets of real-world like shares of a company, bonds, funds or other equity products.

The latest step of SFV investing in security tokens demonstrates the growing interest of Japanese participants. In recent time, Securitize has instituted its presence in the security market of Asia along with the massive investments from Japan-based SBI holdings.

The leaders in the industry of cryptocurrency are foreseeing the benefits of security tokens as tokens centred around the higher operational efficiency — security tokens aids in creating legal digital assets and hiking the capital on the blockchain. Thus, the potential of securities in the capital market is validating the investment in the crypto world.

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