How To Start A Career In Cryptocurrency? | Guide For Job Seekers

Tarulika  |  Jul 8, 2020

Cryptocurrency is not only creating the buzz since 2017 but also the job opportunities all across the world. Blockchain-based cryptocurrency has not only remained the way to earn profits but to earn employment also. As the Bitcoin and Blockchain are gaining popularity, many enthusiasts have started converting their passion into a new career. According to the research of one of the famous job portals Indeed, job postings mentions of “blockchain”, “Bitcoin”, “cryptocurrency” has successfully increased up to 621% since 2017. Another survey by Forbes mentioned that companies like eBay, Capital One, GEICO and many more have also posted for blockchain jobs. In this article, let us learn more about “How to start a career in cryptocurrency” and find out the opportunities for both techies and non-techies. 

Requirements  For A Career In The Crypto Space

Top requirements for career in crypto


You might be thinking that candidates with coding or technical skills must be suitable for the Blockchain or crypto industry. There is good news! Not only people with coding skills but with the creative mindset are also eligible for this kind of industry. But you need to fulfil the basic requirements needed for crypto jobs as well as Blockchain jobs:

  • Ability to learn: As the industry is growing at a higher pace, you should also increase your ability to learn so as to grab the jobs in the respective industry. There are a number of beginner tutorials, online courses and many others are available to initiate your learning like Coursera, Cryptoknowmics, Udemy and many more.
  • Coding Skills: Coding skills are definitely an advantage for the techies searching for Blockchain careers. Candidates with experience in full-stack, blockchain engineering, front end development with specific knowledge of Solidity, MongoDB, JavaScript, React and many more can be the perfect fit for the crypto industry.
  • Passion For Blockchain: This era of technology is ever-growing, you cannot afford to lose your passion for learning about the same for your own self-growth. Maybe you have sufficient initial knowledge, but you need to be updated with new applications, services, products and many more related to crypto and Blockchain industry.
  • Career Opportunities | How To Start A Career In Cryptocurrency?

    Jobs available in crypto space


    How to start a career in cryptocurrency? There are some of the career opportunities which can be explored for pursuing a job in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry.

    • Financial Analyst: As per the cryptocurrency recruitment portal, Companies associated with hedge funds, insurance agencies along with many private investors are seeking the potential in cryptocurrency for investment. Financial analysts having the capability of recommending the investment plans, developing strategies, evaluating risks, maintaining diversified crypto portfolios can be the competitive candidate for crypto oriented jobs.
    • Business Development Representative: Whether it is healthcare, real estate, transportation or most famous finance industry, crypto is creating the opportunities for new businesses which is directly proportional to creating employment as per the cryptocurrency analyst job description. So, if you are a kind of who can push the product, or develop a business, then you can grab the position in the Blockchain industry. Sales experience and communication skills are the added advantages for the business developers.
    • Marketing Manager: Without marketing, the crypto industry cannot succeed. Marketing managers are needed for spreading the fact that the crypto industry exists with the help of pushing the products and services related to the crypto sector. So if you are a one who can monitor the trends of the competitive products, can develop strategies and maximize the profits of the company, then you can apply for the post of marketing manager in the blockchain space.
    • Web Developer: Development of intuitive user interface with the coded back end is the need of the Blockchain industry as a number of smart contracts, DApps, websites, apps need to be developed. Blockchain web developers with expertise in writing and maintaining the codes are boon for the industry. Languages like JavaScript, Python, Solidity, REact and many more are in demand of the industry.
    • Data Scientist: Data analysis with the number of various tools and analytical graphs is the requirement of every industry and so is the crypto space. In the Blockchain industry, if you can analyze data based on certain parameters with strong analytical skills, you can be the market leader in the crypto industry.
    • Machine Learning Engineer: Cryptocurrency or the digital currency is based on the digital Blockchain network which surely needs the people who can make the currency resistant from cyber-attacks and maintain the high-end security whether it is a crypto exchange, wallet or any other platform associated with digital assets. So, the machine learning engineers with the knowledge of natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and data analysis can easily make their career in this industry.
    • Security Architect: It is a well-known fact that Blockchain is difficult to hack as compared to the traditional payment system but the incidents related to a major hacking of exchanges and wallets are also unhidden. The job profile of a security architect who can ensure the safety of the network by designing the infrastructure with a number of security layers and techniques is open for the candidates in the crypto industry. You can protect the Blockchain space from fraudulent transactions, outside threats and a variety of cyberattacks.
    • Journalist: As the industry is growing, community, investors, giants, upcoming startup enthusiasts and many more are keen to know the latest updates, partnerships, announcements and much more news related to crypto and Blockchain space. So, if you are a student of mass communication and wanted to pursue your career in crypto space, then you can be the crypto journalist in online and offline media.
    • Technical Writer: Being myself the technical writer for one of the online media portals in crypto space, I can proudly advocate that you can also grab the opportunity to be one in industry. All you need to have a passion to understand the technology, strong writing skills and the art of creating content which will be interesting and easy to read. With the increasing demand for crypto content, many publishing houses are employing writers and bloggers.
    • In conclusion, it can be advocated that you just need to embrace your skills with the Blockchain industry if you want to earn a respectable job opportunity in the respective sector. Next time, when you ponder “how to start a career in cryptocurrency!”, you just need to upgrade your understanding and search for the number of opportunities mentioned on the job portals across the world.

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