Status (SNT) Price Prediction 2021-2025: Will SNT Hit $0.50 by 2025?

Vikram  |  Oct 17, 2021

Status revolutionized messaging by decentralizing it on the Ethereum blockchain. Hence, the SNT token has a huge growth potential above $0.50 by 2025.

Our internet access defines the modern world. We use it to search, send messages, trade, and complete transactions online and offline. Smartphones are the key to accessing the internet and have become our lifeline to this valuable resource. Moreover, the internet is home to some world's most powerful monopolies, duopolies, and oligarchies.

Google dominates search, Facebook is the dominant social media platform, Whatsapp dominates messaging, and Amazon dominates retail. PayPal dominates online payments.

Besides, these centralized services that we all depend on have grown to be multi-billion-dollar titans in recent years. This trend is not slowing down, as we become more dependent on them. Interestingly, the Ethereum blockchain is amongst one solution that has the potential to change all of this.

Status is a mobile client that gives you access to the whole Ethereum network. Its users can access all future and current decentralized applications running on Ethereum, so the possibilities are endless.

Status is an open-source and community-focused project that encourages everyone to contribute to its operating systems and the future decentralized web. Status is a social network reimagined. It gives its users unique power to determine how it will be managed and developed further.

Let's get into Status and learn more about this project, before proceeding to its price prediction.

What Is Status?

Status is a mobile operating platform that will revolutionize the way the world interacts with the Ethereum network. It is a mobile browser that acts as both a private messenger and a decentralized browser. It allows you to instantly connect to the entire Ethereum network from the palm of your hands.

Smartphone users will soon realize that Ethereum and its DApps are so simple and easy to use.

Status Features

Status is an open-source platform that connects all Ethereum's DApps. Its potential features are genuinely endless.

Here is a quick overview from the white paper of Status' implemented capabilities.

  • Decentralized Push Notification Marketplace
  • Status's Decentralized Push Notification Marketplace allows you to select which nodes within the network will provide service to your needs. You can also choose the type of push notification provider that you want to use. You can also opt-out or opt-in to any service, and you can adjust your privacy settings.

    However, you will be charged for any Push Notification Service that Status offers. Status does not profit from selling customer information or selling it to advertisers.

    Status believes that you have a choice in every matter; this is why you will be charged microtransactions to notify and store.

    • Governance
    • Users have limited control over the evolution of legacy social networks. Status can give its stakeholders direct control over all network decisions, including software development. Moreover, any SNT holder is allowed to propose the network.

      • Status Voting Protocol
      • The user's SNTs clone every decision made on the network into separate tokens. The user's possession of SNTs will directly correlate (1:1) with the number of decision tokens they receive. Furthermore, voting on proposals is free of cost for SNTs.

        • Community Curation
        • Like Reddit users can upvote and downvote content, Status users can opt-in to curate what's displayed on the application. It is called "signaling," which allows Status users to approve or deny content.

          However, Reddit does not give all users equal votes to curate content. Status, however, determines the strength of member votes by using an algorithm heavily influenced by the number of tokens an account has.

          • Tribute to Talk
          • Stakeholders can set a minimum amount that Status users must deposit to pay tribute to someone outside their network. Moreover, to message a stakeholder, the user must first deposit the amount of SNT required by the "Tribute to Talk" recipient. The recipient will answer the message. If the recipient responds, they will receive the tributed amount that the original sender posted.

            How Is the Status Network Secured?

            Status creates the user's identity using a locally generated cryptographic keypair. A password protects this keypair. Status uses the Waku protocol for peer-to-peer or P2P communication. Waku relies on a network to route messages between peers.

            It comes with end-to-end encryption and perfect forward secrecy. Based on Open Whisper Systems' X3DH specifications and Double Ratchet specifications. The cryptocurrency is kept in a non-custodial wallet and protected from phishing attacks by a signed phrase.

            Let's look at the future price predictions for Status (SNT).

            Price Analysis of the SNT Token

            Flashback: A Fundamental Analysis of SNT

            The current price of one Status coin is $0.093478. It trades at $22,299.449. SNT coin prices have risen by 3.49% over the past 24 hours.

            Current CoinMarketCap ranking: #167 with a market cap of $3.24 million. The maximum. It is currently out of stock.

            These are the future price predictions of SNT.

            Status (SNT) Price Prediction 2021

            If all markets are favorable, the SNT prices will break all barriers and perform extravagantly, reaching the peak as previously mentioned. The SNT price could easily reach $0.1709, according to our Status price prediction.

            Status (SNT) Price Prediction 2022

            If the investor continues to grow in confidence, the road ahead will be full of flowers. This has led to a significant increase in the SNT price and a push to surpass all barriers, which is $0.33322 by 2022.

            Status (SNT) Price Prediction 2023 

            SNT prices may see some sideways momentum in 2023. The maximum price for an SNT coin is $0.3349. The SNT price could even experience a bull run if the push for functional crypto continues through 2023.

            Status (SNT) Price Prediction 2024 

            When we think about 2024, we will see a massive increase in its value by the time it ends. Furthermore, you can increase your investment in this opportunity. You can invest in this token at any time that suits you. This year, the price of the token is $0.4057

            Status (SNT) Price Prediction 2025

            Due to rising trading volume and the price of token SNT, it is possible that $0.50 could reach by 2025. Hence, more investors are investing in this network. These activities will eventually lead to a rise in the network's value.

            Status (SNT): Market Sentiment

            Below is a list of media outlets that have done price analyses on SNT coins.

            Wallet Investor

            SNT price prediction 2021: $0.1530 The price of the SNT token in March 2025 can be $0.485.

            Trading Beasts

            Trading Beasts predicts the status price to reach $0.195 by June 2024.

            Digital coin price

            Digital Coin Price predicts the Status price to reach $0.177 by June 2023. And by 2028, one single SNT token could have a value equal to $0.42.

            Our Status (SNT) Price Prediction

            Smart idea to create a directory of dApps for applications built on Ethereum blockchain. As ETH works to drive mass adoption, Status will require support from all ETH.

            Furthermore, Status plans to target Smartphone users is another unique opportunity. It could help users quickly see that Ethereum and its dApps are simple and easy to use and encourage regular usage.

            Status encourages everyone to participate in its operating system and the future decentralized web. Status has reimagined the social network and given its users unique power to determine how it will be managed and developed further. This is an excellent idea, considering how frustrated people are with centralized apps that monetize their data and user behavior.

            However, we recommend that you do your research before investing in crypto assets.


            Although having so many dApps is excellent for users in terms of choice, managing them will soon become a hassle. It can be daunting to manage your dApps from a desktop with Metamask. SNT is an open-source platform that allows messaging via Ethereum.

            In June 2017, when Staus indexed on Coinmarketcap, the average price for Status was $0.055. Now, in 2021, SNT will surpass that goal. Status was also recognized after the development of Decentralized Finance, which created a buzz due to its vast performance.

            Most Ethereum-based tokens have integrated with Defi and are continuing to follow the bullish trend. Status is still an essential part of the development and communication of dApps Status has seen a huge run ahead of 2022. If this trend continues, we could see a bull market for SNT until 2025.

            Media portals have predicted that the SNT coin's average price will reach $0.15 by 2021. The coin's price prediction for the future is also optimistic, with an expected increase to $0.50 over the next five years.

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