Steem Hardfork Decision by Justin Sun Has Angered Vitalik Buletin

Zain  |  May 20, 2020

The founders of Ethereum Vitalik Buletin took to twitter to display his anger with the decision of Justin Sun and his work with Steem. The founder of Tron has received a lot of backlash for trying to run the Steem platform with powers rested centrally in one entity; him. Sun has been criticized in the past for the way he has manipulated with platform pretty much right after Tron acquired it. However, it seems like he is not really paying heed.

This is exactly the correct take. A chain is its maintainers' responsibility, not their property. And that responsibility can be taken away at a moment's notice.

Steem Turning Into Another Stigma For Justin Sun

An upcoming hard fork on 20 may term 0.23 STEEM Hardfork, would result in 23.6 million coins whose total value is around $5 million, would be taken from the platform's customers. Vitalik Buletin condemned the imminent decision by the platform to do something like this to its own customers.

In an outrageous move, the May 20 extreme STEEM Hardfork would lead to multiple accounts of the Steemit users getting seized.  One witness before Justin Sun takeover when the platform was prospering, Markymark had stayed his name too is on the list of accounts going to be sealed. He further added a new account came into existence a few days ago and after the account are cleared all the coins are being directed into it.

The account has been confirmed by Markymark to be anonymous and now STEEM users hopes are hanging by a thread.  They've been urged to send a class action notice to crypto exchanges. It is all pretty much in the hands of these exchanged now if they find no issues with it and lend support.  All hopes of recovering their fund would be dashed.  The community outrage and Buletin's tweet can only do so much as clearly Justin Sun remains unflinched.

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