Sygnum Bank to Launch Tokenized Trading Platform
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Sygnum Bank to Launch Tokenized Trading Platform

November 27, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

Sygnum bank has announced the launch of a blockchain-based tokenized trading platform. The move makes Sygnum, the first bank in the world with an institutional-grade tokenized trade offering. The trading platform will now offer investors under one platform with global and public and private markets. The decentralized alternative for stock exchanges will support both primary and secondary listing. The primary market issuance platform is called Desygnate, and the secondary market trading platform is SygnEx.

Sygnum digital asset bank’s Launch of Tokenized Trading Platform

According to Sygnum, the new trading solution will provide a way to raise more capital, grow liquidity and ownership, and manage corporate actions. Investors will also have access to tokenized assets, mid-cap companies, venture capital firms, real estate, and art collectibles.

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Investors will benefit from access to all such opportunities on Desygnate, with the assurance that all assets and issuers have been thoroughly approved by Sygnum as investors are onboarded with a fully regulated digital asset bank.

In a statement, Mathias Imbach, Sygnum’s Group CEO Designate said:

Empowering both issuers and investors to create and have access to unique, often frontier, investment opportunities has been a core part of Sygnum’s mission since day one. With Desygnate and SygnEx, we bring a blockchain-powered business solution to market which opens up a world of new opportunities for capital market participants to do business”

Enabling Access to Fund for SMEs

The digital asset bank’s end-to-end tokenization trading market will allow access to funding for SMEs and enable fractional trading in high-value assets including art, diamonds, and vintage cars and collectibles.

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The bank with a Swiss banking license is primarily hoping to connect Switzerland’s estimated 60,000 SMEs and 45,000 new companies that are founded each year with investors. It intends to raise capital with the help of tokenization.

Sygnum further added that the settlements will be done in its Swiss Franc stablecoin, the Digital CHF (DCHF).

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Jafrin Ahmed
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