Tesla Owners Can Now “TRANSFORM” Cars into Bitcoin Nodes

Tarulika  |  Jan 20, 2020

After the success of the experiment conducted by the Bcoin developers of the Bitcoin project about converting non-computers into Bitcoin nodes, it was discovered that one can transform Tesla made electric cars into a Bitcoin node using built-in browser only. 

Bcoin Project with Tesla’s Electric cars

Bcoin, which is majorly an alternative for Bitcoin protocol, aids in creating the node on the device with the help of a browser. The similar system is supposed to be used by Tesla, and after the successful testing, operation of Bcoin seemed to run normally.

Though it sounds implausible, the attempt was actually successful by a project known as Bcoin. The project targets the alternative implementation of the protocol of Bitcoin, which can be used to operate a node on any machine. As a result, the network of Bitcoin can transform an entire car which can help the process of running the world’s largest digital currency become more decentralized.

Running BTC Node on Tesla Might not be a Good Idea?

The project of combining the Bcoin with Tesla’s capabilities seem to be fascinating, but processing a Bitcoin node requires a massive number of resources, including the consumption power. 

The computer that is utilised for running the node requires to download and process Bitcoin Blockchain’s data that could dangerously interfere with the UX experience of the network of the car. Also, memory modules of Tesla car have the track record of being problematic due to limited read and write cycles which can prove troublesome for blockchain node. However, Bcoin’s developers were well known with problems and featured as a warning also. But so far, Elon Musk has not shared his views over the experiment.

It is the first time that a car has been turned into a fully operational Bitcoin node in the crypto community's experimented with non-PC devices for running a complete node. In one of the experiment, Raspberry Pi single-board computers worked favourably while syncing the blockchain.


Though electric cars and virtual currencies are unrelatable domains, few things stand out to be shared. Both are judged as emerging technologies which can transform the world into a better landscape. Though the experiments are conducted by Bcoin community with electric cars of Tesla but still many milestones, need to be achieved.

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