Tezos Offers $1000 Prize To Medical Researchers Of COVID-19

Tarulika  |  Mar 4, 2020

The blockchain network, Tezos came up with a philanthropic goal which motivates the users to contribute their additional computing power to the medical research institutions who are involved in the research associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Blockchain Network Tezos Turns To Philanthropy

John Tanzer, one of the developers of Tezos, made a call to Tezor and extended crypto community to make the teams and donate the significant amount of computational power latest by March 30, 2020. According to the announcement, the winner will receive given Tez in the prize pool.

Tezos has made a prize pool, which has accumulated around 340 XTZ ($1000). The major contributor was leading Tezor baker, Letzbake, who has donated almost half of the total amount. The prize pool is increasing day by day as many individuals are enthusiastic about working for the noble cause.

The competition stands on Folding@Home, which is a distributed computing project that utilises the computers of participants to make the calculations related to protein folding. These calculations are used in the biomedical research of several different diseases.

Major Crypto Players Stepping Forward To Save Humanity

The crypto industry is engaged in helping China to fight with the dreadful virus of recent times, COVID-19. On the one hand, a crypto exchange like Coinbase is offering work from home facility to the employees of virus prone areas, Binance donated 10 Million RMB of medical supplies; while on the other hand blockchain technology company like Tezos planned to accelerate the medical research.

Every day, stories related to disruptions and public conferences are cancelled due to the spread of Coronavirus. The effects are seen on the crypto markets also where BItcoin dropped 3% in value. But when it comes to industry handling the spread of the virus and saving humanity, major players are playing a significant role to combat the risks of further spread.

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