The Most Controversial Olympic Games in History

Cryptoknowmics  |  Jul 28, 2021

We are witnessing the most controversial Olympic Games in history, as Tokyo hosts these games despite the opposition of the city's residents. But why are they not eager to welcome the most significant event in the world for 2021?

When looking back, we can say that most of the Olympic Games have been marked with some dreadful event before them. Viruses, wars, mass apathy, or terrorism are just a small fraction of all the various crises around the beginning of the Olympics. However, these games underway are pressured on a larger scale because the whole world is trying to recover from the consequences of the virus.

Originally, the Tokyo Games were planned to start in 2020, but they were postponed for a whole year with the unexpected hit of the Covid-19 virus. Even though the event's organization takes all of the necessary measurements, there are still many negative comments on their behalf, as people still live in fear that the whole situation, dating a few months back, can repeat itself. But still, there aren't any fans in attendance of the games, which guarantees a safe environment to some degree.

Still, even with those many people disagreeing with the procedure of the competition, many things can switch this wrong perspective and just let people enjoy the show that the best athletes in the world are going to present.

Combining it with the fact that all the required precautions occur, we can say that we are still in for a thrilling experience, even in these challenging and uncertain times.

As another significant event, there are several new sports that make their debut in the Olympic Games for the first time in history. These sports include surfing, climbing, skateboarding, 3x3 basketball, karate, and many more. The main goal of integrating these sports is for the competition to appeal to more people.

There have been plenty of positive Covid-19 tests among the competitors, and it seems there are many things that can go wrong. However, according to inside information, we can say that the athletes are happy that they are even allowed to compete and put their years of hard work into great use by chasing the Olympic Games gold. After all, competition is above everything, and we can get ready for a thrilling experience as an observer in front of the TV.

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