Top Crypto Influencers Whom You Should Follow

Aditya  |  Apr 6, 2020

Today cryptocurrencies have become a worldwide phenomenon. People are now taking a keen interest in doing trading with cryptocurrencies. But even though it has made a remarkable success as an alternative monetary system, still it is considered to be a new and fresh concept. In that case, we need the guidance of some experts in the field of cryptocurrency. So today we are introducing you with some top crypto influencers or to say, certified cryptocurrency leaders, which you need to follow to have their guidance. Here are they.

1 Jimmy Song

Let us start from the crypto expert programmer, Jimmy Song a well-known certified crypto experthas much experience working as VP engineer at Bitcoin wallet, Armory, and Bitcoin Core. Currently, he is working as an editor of If you want to know about the coding cryptocurrency, then it is suggested that you must read about programming Bitcoin, authored by him. No doubt, he is one of the top crypto influencers which you must follow.

2 Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng is the founder of the Fusion Systems, a Shanghai company, where high-frequency trading for brokers was done. The software for Bloomberg Tradebook and the Tokyo Stock Exchange were penned down by him. Later on, the interest in cryptocurrency dragged him into becoming OKCoin CTO. Binance, which is a well-known biggest crypto exchange, was founded by him. You will always see regular tweets by Changpeng.

3 Justin Sun

Justin Sun is also among those top crypto influencers which you must follow. You might not be aware of the fact that Justin had been BitTorrent’s former CEO. Apart from it, he had been a Ripple advisor too. TRON was created after that. Many people are known to follow him on Twitter. So better join the list and start following Sun.

4 Laura Shin

Laura Shin, the best crypto expert was assigned the cryptocurrency beat when she was working as Forbes senior editor. Now, she covers all critical aspects of cryptocurrency through newsletters via unchained podcasts. If the world of blockchain drags your interest, then don’t miss any of her podcasts.

5 Vinny Lingham

If you are interested in knowing all about cryptocurrencies, then better follow him, as he is also one of the top crypto influencers to follow. Vinny has active participation as investors on Dragon’s Den TV show and many other companies including mobile gifting company, Gyft and a website firm, Yola.

6 Patrick Byrne

If you have heard about ‘Overstock’, then let us inform you that Patrick Byrne is the one who is credited of founding this online retail giant. Overstock is a significant internet firm where Bitcoin is accepted. But accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payments is not the ultimate goal for the Patrick. Byrne, being the best crypto analysts thinks beyond investing in multiple crypto ventures. Although, you won’t find many tweets of him, still, you can extract essential facts during his participation in debate talks.


So these are the top crypto influencers which you need to follow if you want to know each aspect revolving around cryptocurrencies. You will be getting extreme guidance from these experts. They will help you understand anything related to digital currencies. If you are new to this digital monetary world and wants to be an entrepreneur dealing in cryptocurrencies, then you must bank on these crypto experts. Even if there is someone who is not much active in the social media platform, still you can learn a lot much from the debates and talk shows in which they are participating.

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