Trading Vets Of Nasdaq, Visa and Morgan Stanley Builds Platform ExOne
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Trading Vets Of Nasdaq, Visa and Morgan Stanley Builds Platform ExOne

February 14, 2020      Tarulika Jain

The group of trading veterans from Nasdaq, Visa and Morgan Stanley came out with the solution for liquidity in the form of ExOne platform. The new liquidity platform is aimed at aiding the crypto traders in the fragmented crypto market, reported Coindesk.

ExOne As “The Finances Back-End” Tool

The project of trading vets Apifiny evolved after the technical hardships of 18 months. The project turned into a platform which will target exchanges disrupted by low liquidity. ExOne, the newly launched solution will act as the back end tool for emerging finances.

According to David Weild, former vice-chair of Nasdaq, crypto marketplaces are highly fragmented which results in substantial bid discrepancies. To consolidate the trading experience and interconnect the market, ExOne was built by professionals and tech experts. The project will aim to generate a consolidated quote to provide the most optimal bid for crypto enthusiasts.

The project aims to fulfil the mandated responsibility of linking together equity marketplaces. “Regulation NMS” of the Security and Exchange Commission of the US also sought to partly modernize the country’s electronic fragmented market to a single place.

Though ExOne is not yet in operation, it will soon be released to aid crypto traders.

Fragmented Markets As “Turn Off” For Crypto Traders

As per the latest reports, trading cryptocurrencies in the market is difficult, and the fragmented marketplace increases the uneasiness. This is one of the reasons for the slow adoption of crypto space.

The issue of fragmented liquidity across several cryptos exchanges can be turn off for traders as they have to be involved in high-level research to assure the best price of their bid in the marketplace. The exchanges who have their trading systems results in scattered liquidity. This problem can be solved when a single platform can establish a connection between various exchanges. This will aggregates liquidity from crypto exchanges and can aid traders to resolve the bid discrepancies.

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