How Many Times Can You Transfer Your Altcoin from One Wallet to Another Wallet?

Jyoti  |  Mar 13, 2020

Altcoin refers to all those cryptocurrencies that were launched after the success of Bitcoin. Since their launch, many traders in the market shifted their interest from Bitcoin to Altcoin. There are some new traders, who want to learn the process of  Altcoin Trading and we are here to help those traders. The fundamental question that might be popping up in your head is how many times can you transfer your altcoin from one wallet to another wallet.

We hope further information might help the traders to know more about Altcoin and how to trade Altcoins:

To Receive An Altcoin

Receive and altcoin

  • Log in to the account.
  • As soon as you reach the dashboard, select Your Accounts 
  • Select the wallet from where you want to receive the coin and hit the Receive button.
  • While hitting the receive button, the receiver gets ready to accept coins automatically from the sender. It is important to give your proper address to the sender to transfer your altcoin from one wallet to another. Otherwise, you may lose the coins forever. 

    The Receiver can also send their QR Code to the Sender for the trading of Altcoin. The Sender just need to scan that code, enter the amount of coin both the party has finalized and sent it to the receiver.

    Directly Send Altcoin

    • Log in to your account.
    • Just like the receiver, the sender would also have to choose Your Accounts on the dashboard.
    • Select the wallet option and then hit Send button.
    • Then select the recipient’s address to send the coins and enter the amount.
      • Lastly, Continue button flashes on the screen. As soon as the Sender hit that button a confirmation page appears with a verification code box.
      • Enter the Verification Code and then you can send the Altcoins to your Receiver. 
      • A few people do not want to use the direct method of trading Altcoins, so for them, there is another option. They can transfer their Altcoins through E-mail. The process is quite similar but instead of entering the recipient’s wallet address the Sender would have to enter the recipient’s E-mail address, else the whole procedure is the same.

        While the Sender trades the Altcoins he/she should keep in mind that the trading on the network is not. Wallet-To-Wallet transfers are easy but when the Sender and the Receiver trade via a web-based network or software-based wallets then they would have to pay its fee which goes to the miner and then he confirms the whole transaction. This fee is automatically deducted by the blockchain. 

        And yes, every network’s fee is different, therefore, no one can confirm the actual amount the user has to pay during the trading of Altcoin.

        Most of the beginners in the crypto industry have a question regarding “How many times could they trade Altcoins from one wallet to another?” Also, they don't know how to transfer Bitcoins from one wallet to another wallet.

        The answer is simple, infinite times. The crypto market works for 24*7 therefore, it is easy for you to transfer your Altcoins from one wallet to another wallet and you would not have any limit also. So regardless of how much you want, you can trade and for a long time, even continuously but remember that you would have to pay for it. Because in this world Nothing is Free.


        Trading cryptocurrencies might appear challenging to some people but when they get into the crypto market everything becomes interesting. The 24*7 market allows its users to trade altcoins any time from anywhere to anywhere, and also infinite times, including charges.  If you follow the tips mentioned in this blog, you can also transfer your altcoin from one wallet to another wallet effortlessly.


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