Transforming China’s Supply Chain through Ten Billion Coin Blockchain

Richard M Adrian by Richard M Adrian - 10:52 AM Aug 10, 2019
Transforming China’s Supply Chain through Ten Billion Coin Blockchain
The Ten Billion Coin is an innovative project that taps into blockchain technology;  in empowering Chinese enterprises to foster transparency on their platforms through implementing; the distributed ledger and implement smart contracts. As of August 8th, Ten Billion Coin Blockchain announced it would leverage its technology to aid supply chain management, authenticate product verification, satisfaction reports, customer usage and transparent financial reports.

Through the platform, existing business can build stronger communities and brand awareness around their services and products.  The company outlines that its major focus is to help businesses grow and seamlessly implement blockchain technology into their daily processes.  

Enhancing Transparency

The blockchain firm believes that existing business should not stake client future into unproven business processes and terms. Therefore, transparency becomes the core of doing business. Meanwhile, by providing safety for existing products lines, management teams, customer bases and distributed channels; Customer to business relations improve. Ten Billion Dollar Coin Blockchain challenges the placement of risk squarely on the baggage of participants and supporters. This, it claims is the order of the day for most experimental aspects new blockchain entrants into the industry.  

Most customers question how unique are Ten Billion Coin  ideals in comparison to other blockchain companies. However, the answer is a basic fact in the elimination of risk due to implementing partnerships with established companies. Companies that have a proven track record backed by years of success and reliability. This reliability which is unmatched provides stability that can't be matched by fresh market entrants.

Ten Billion Coin Team Leaders

The firm is run by team of robust leaders and founders with proven experience in terms of industry matters. The CEO, RuLiang Ye has more than a decade's experience; serving Shanghai’s second largest Construction firm;  and the YingYing Investment Management Company. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Xin Hu is a certified professional with; a major in Economics, Finance and Accounting; while another Project Advisor is Yong Hu - a lawyer, certified professional accountant (CPA) and intermediate accountant.

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