Tremendous MoneyGram Progress by 300% Since Partnership with Ripple

Richard M Adrian by Richard M Adrian - 10:58 AM Sep 12, 2019

MoneyGram, a global money transfer company has witnessed tremendous progress in its stocks after signing a cross border partnership with Ripple. As a result, MoneyGram stocks surged by 350% and are still gaining. Analysts have not yet found a succinct thinking behind the massive gain. However most of them believe that the gain represents Wallstreet’s interest in Ripple. 

Mid June this year, MoneyGram entered into the partnership that saw Ripple invest upto $50 million in international money transfer. Consequently making MoneyGram a primary partner of Ripple in cross border payment through digital assets.


Ripple-MoneyGram Partnership Out of the Blues

The contract of the partnership is meant to last an initial 2 year term and will place attention  on xRapid. xRapid is a liquidity solution for cross border payment settlement. Meanwhile, note that Wall Street has never been in support of cryptocurrency given the regulatory concerns around the industry. In fact, some of the top bulls of Wall Street have shunned digital currency due to crypto’s potential of disrupting financial markets. However, it seems that a sudden interest is spiraling immediately after the Ripple-MoneyGram collaboration. Hence, the idea of cryptocurrency to Wall Street investors could be welcome. 

Increased pro-fiat interest could undoubtedly spike growth of the crypto market and make it widely acceptable. Resulting to high chances of making digital assets a mainstream investment option. Additionally, the adoption could help cryptocurrency navigate the rigorous compliance regulations and numerous regulatory hurdles. Take for instance the regulatory hurdles facing Facebook’s Global coin and the procedures they are taking to have the digital asset acceptable in the mainstream.


There are various moves regulators are adopting to enable the government in  monitoring of cryptocurrency activities. For example, the European Union via the European Banking Authority has called for regulation of cryptocurrency; In a move to have the industry adopted into a mainstream sector. 



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