Tron’s Founder Justin Sun Willing To Use TikTok For Promoting BitTorrent

Jyoti  |  Jul 14, 2020

The founder of TRON, Justin Sun, recently while sharing his views on twitter has stated that he is planning to unveil BitTorrent on TikTok, in the same way, some of the users introduced Dogecoin.

Social Media Usage Growing Rapidly 

In recent time most businesses around the world are taking the help of social media to promote their product. The reason people are heading towards social media is that it interconnects people from different countries. This is a platform where people from different countries can share their views.

The growing importance of social media around the world has become one reason most of the crypto enthusiasts and players have started making good use of it.

Recently, meme-based coin Dogecoin has experienced a price hike, which happened because one of the TikTokers used the platform to hype about the coin. Within two days, since the video was out, the price of Dogecoin increased 150 percent and soon it surprised the whole crypto industry.

Justin Sun Starts Twitter Polling

After seeing Dogecoin’s growth, Sun went on to his twitter page and asked the twitter users that among ADA. XLM. BTT and HOT, which of the crypto would be the next beneficiary. The users still have time to vote for their favourite crypto. After six days the voting will get over and the crypto which would get the highest number of votes will be considered as the next cestui que trust.

Currently, a total of 16,000 votes have been cast, out of which 75.1 percent is for XLM, 8.3 percent is for ADA, 6.3 percent for HOT and 10.3 percent for BTT.

According to a report, on July 13, with the recorded market capitalisation of more than $77 million and trading capacity of $29.992, BitTorrent has been settled on 86th position.

CoinMarketCap has stated in its report that currently, BTT is escalating by 1.9 percent.

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