TRX Coins Of Tron Get Listed On Kraken Crypto Exchange

Tarulika  |  Mar 6, 2020

Justin Sun, CEO of Tron blockchain ecstatically informed that TRX tokens got listed on one of the leading crypto exchanges Kraken where it can be traded against top fiat currencies.

Tron Used Twitter To Annonce Their Latest Milestone

Again, the social networking site Twitter was utilised by Justin Sun to share the new milestone with the crypto community and endorsed his company as well. Earlier also, the CEO used the platform regarding the high metrics, inviting more developers and users to join their blockchain. Today, San Francisco based Kraken exchange has launched trading in TRX against USD and EUR along with TRX/XBT and TRX/ETH.

On March 04, 2020, Justin shared the data from its monitoring tool Tronscan which showed that the number of user accounts on the mainnet is approaching 5 million. The considerable amount of accounts portrayed the expanding ecosystem of Tron as more developers have joined the network.


Justin Sun, Believer of Bullish Crypto Markets

Last year the CEO of Tron set goals for himself to get listed on crypto platforms of US, especially on Binance and Coinbase. Being one of the optimistic CEO, Sun, is confident about the bright future of digital assets. He believes that Bitcoin may cross $100,000 mark around 2025 and explained that the other cryptocurrencies would follow the trend.

Kraken is one of the leading crypto exchange which is expanding its network by recently listing the TRX tokens, Tezos staking and fiat asset, Swiss Franc, thereby opening the doors for the new investors.

The major exchanges are showing the confidence in the tokens of the other blockchain technology firm by listing them on their platform. The move of the significant exchanges results in regular expansion of the crypto markets globally.

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