Twitter Suspends Twetch After US President Release Executive Order

May 29, 2020   (0)   Jyoti Singh

Josh Petty, the co-founder of social media platform Twetch, mentioned that without any prior warning, Twitter suspended the official account of the platform which operates on Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, on May 28. (However, later when the account was restored, it noticed a less number of followers).

Twetch Alternative For Twitter

Twetch considered itself as a great alternative to Twitter which is run by Jack Dorsey, a Bitcoin enthusiast. The social media platform was even very active in promoting itself against Twitter.

Petty further stated that the platform archive all the conversation on the BSV blockchain to maintain its censorship resistance.

Regarding conversation censorship, Twetch even posted a meme which aimed at Dorsey, before Twitter suspended its account.

Meanwhile, a new alternative account has been introduced by the Twetch and further it would appeal for the decision.

Social Media Accounts Being Pressurized

On May 28, the President of the United States (US) Donald Trump released an executive order regarding the use of federal supervision of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and in respect to that Twitter deplatform the Twetch.

A few days ago, ‘fact-check’ regarding the use of mail-in ballots for elections was executed on Trump’s tweet which prompted the US president to issue the order.

Petty further mentioned that after Trump’s threat of ‘nationalizing’ platforms, the pressure on social media account started increasing and that could be the reason Twitter suspended the Twetch’s account from its platform.

He added, “It may have been a case of getting caught in the algorithms”.

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Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh

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