Unlock of GBTC Shares Could Led Bitcoin to $25 Mark Says JPMorgan
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Unlock of GBTC Shares Could Led Bitcoin to $25 Mark Says JPMorgan

June 24, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

JPMorgan analysts have predicted that the unlocking of GBTC shares could raise the selling pressure and drive the price of Bitcoin to the level of $25K. JPMorgan revealed in their latest memo that though BTC has recovered slightly, the unlock will drive the price down to $25K.

JPMorgan Says GBTC Shares Unlocking Will Push Bitcoin Down Further

The Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou led global investment bank JPMorgan has recently displayed a contentious attitude to the flagship currency.

The analysts at JPMorgan always have an eye on what role the largest crypto asset manager, Grayscale is playing in relation to Bitcoin. 

At the beginning of this year, the analysts predicted that there are chances that the price of BTC might march towards a correction as a reduction in the inflows to the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has been witnessed.

As revealed in the newly released memo by Bloomberg, JPMorgan has predicted another bear signal in the market involving GBTC, talking about the shares unlock of the BTC tracking fund.

The institutional investors that are employing the services of Grayscale will be obtaining access to 16K bitcoins in a single day in the month of July.

Will BTC Touch $25K

Bitcoin plunged to its lowest price levels just days ago below the area of $29K, though it managed to acquire some ground since that point and at present, it is changing hands at $32K.

JPMorgan analysts are eyeing another fall in the price of Bitcoin, and they wrote:

“Despite this week’s correction, we are reluctant to abandon our negative outlook for Bitcoin and crypto markets more generally. Despite some improvement, our signals remain overall bearish.”

In addition to this, they revealed that they believe the price of BTC is close to being overvalued, which is apparent from the comparison between its fluctuations versus that of gold.

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