Upland Users Can Sell Their Virtual NFT Properties for Real Money
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Upland Users Can Sell Their Virtual NFT Properties for Real Money

February 11, 2021      Jafrin Ahmed

Upland, a virtual property metaverse, took the first step in creating the world’s first true digital economy. Initially announced on Nov. 2021, Upland.me partnered with Tilia Pay to enable the sale of virtual NFT properties in return for fiat money. Upland is the first and only blockchain metaverse that enables buying virtual NFT properties in return for real U.S. dollars. This comes as a significant development in the history of blockchain.

Upland Enables Ownership of NFT Properties Tradable via Fiat Currency

Upland.me allows ownership of NFT properties mapped to real addresses. The blockchain metaverse allows purchasing of digital assets via cryptocurrencies or fiat through UPX. It also allows in-game resale and trading of those assets. Through Upland, the value of a user’s digital assets can be converted back into real-world money such as U.S. dollars.

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Known as the Property-to-USD beta program it has already facilitated many high-value sales of Upland NFT properties for USD. The top three NFT properties have sold $1,000/piece. As of yet, Upland’s players have spent $29,250 on properties in the Upland metaverse. Meanwhile, their average spend is $39.50.

The Property-to-USD program is still in beta. Hence, the ability to sell properties for fiat is currently available to only 100 Uplanders. The feature will soon be made available to all users. Currently, any users from Upland.me can purchase the properties from the beta testers for the USD.

Upland Continues to Grow Significantly

Upland’s blockchain-based metaverse comes under the umbrella of the international economy. For instance, the surplus-value of players’ engagement within the metaverse from deciding which properties to buy, to locations, to the very moment when the players decide to buy them, all of the decisions are driven based on a macro level.

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Upland continues to grow significantly with more than 10,000 daily active users with over 40,000 monthly active users.

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Jafrin Ahmed
Jafrin Ahmed

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