US Air Force Inks Third Deal With Chainalysis, Spent Around $900,000
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US Air Force Inks Third Deal With Chainalysis, Spent Around $900,000

September 4, 2020      Jyoti Singh

The US Air Force signed its third deal with the data aggregator site Chainalysis to use its services. However, while making its announcement the US Armed Force did not specify the reasons for which it would be utilizing the blockchain analytics services.

US Air Force Paid $900,000 In Total

As per the contract, dated May 19, 2020, the US Air Force spent around $779,740 on this third deal. Before, they have already signed two other contracts in the past two years.

The report further mentions that after this third deal, the money spent on the services of Chainalysis has reached $900,000 in total, .

Although the contract did not include much detail about this recent deal, in the description they have mentioned about ‘crypto data subscription.’ 

Currently, none of the companies have shared their views on this matter.

According to the reports, there are very few companies in the crypto industry that not only examine the transaction but also gather all the possible information from the data, and Chainalysis is one of those companies.

Government Agencies Using Chainalysis Service

Apart from the US Air Force, many other government agencies like the FBI and the SEC use the services offered by Chainalysis for tracing illicit activities, which were processed using cryptocurrencies.

Recently, while commenting on the US Air Force’s deal with the Chainalysis, Casey Bohn, a high-tech crime specialist ar NW3C (the rival company of Chainalysis), stated that there are chances the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations make use of the services of Chainalysis

He mentioned that the OSI is considered to be the internal FBI of the US Air Force which investigates airman-on-airman crimes along with others.

Additionally, while further explaining, Bohn said, “Let’s say the Air Force lets a contract to Boeing, and there’s some accusation or supposition some way or another of some sort of fraud, waste or abuse, OSI would probably look into that on behalf of the Air Force.

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Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh

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