Venezuelan Gov Blocks Distribution $18 Million Via Airtm To Healthcare Workers
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Venezuelan Gov Blocks Distribution $18 Million Via Airtm To Healthcare Workers

August 25, 2020      Jyoti Singh

The main opposition in Venezuela led by Juan Guaido faces fresh issues in issuing the $18 million worth of cash to healthcare workers, which was confiscated from the Maduro government by the US government. The US government has put a ton of sanctions on the country and doesn’t recognize the current president’s Nicolas Maduro electoral validity.

Maduro government went on to ban the distribution of cash to the health workers which prompted the opposition party in the country to distribute the confiscated money using Airtm, a peer-to-peer crypto exchange. However, many parts of the country have reported that the internet connection has been shut in their area, because of which accessing Airtm has been quite problematic.

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$300 Each In Three Installments 

Currently, the opposition is being led by Juan Guaido who was elected by the US to facilitate the distribution of money. It is to be noted that many countries around the world consider Guaido to be the legitimate President of Venezuela. 

Guaido recently released a public statement and asserted that it supports Airtm for putting an effort to make money available to those who actually need it.

Useful Tulips developer Matt Ahlborg, while tweeting about Guaido’s plan in a thread, stated that the healthcare workers might receive a censorship-resistant digital dollar through P2P crypto exchange. If the direct cash transfer is prohibited, healthcare workers would be offered the money in installments of $300.

Airtm Offers VN Primer

Ahlborg further stated that 65 percent of users on the Mexico City-based exchange is from Venezuela. They usually trade Bolivars and Bitcoin for digital US dollars. 

Useful Tulips developer then mentioned,

“As a result of this redistribution campaign, the Maduro government Aug. 20 blocked access to Airtm from inside of Venezuela. However, just as quickly, Venezuelan activists were creating educational resources on how to access Airtm despite the block.”

Recently, the P2P exchange has notified that some of the internet service providers like Cantv, Movistar, Digitel, Supercable, and Movilnet, have restricted the usage of Airtm on their platform. 

The exchange published a blog post offering the VN primer to the beneficiaries of the exchange. Airtm has further talked about its censorship under the Maduro government as well. 

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