Waves Lifted to a New ATH Amid Boost in NFT Gaming and Trading Volume
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Waves Lifted to a New ATH Amid Boost in NFT Gaming and Trading Volume

April 12, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

The price of ‘Waves’ has witnessed a surge recently taking its price to an all-time high as NFT shoots and latest exchange listings allured new customers to the growing ecosystem of the project. Marking a rise of around 320% this year, Waves has climbed from a low of $4.86 to a high to $20.82 on April 9.

Waves Surged to ATHs Amid Spike in NFT Gaming And Trading Volume

Early investors were commendably rewarded by Nonfungible tokens over the past few months, particularly as they gained mainstream attention.

Well, the record-breaking sales in digital art and famous investors like Paris Hilton showing their support behind the sector should be thanked.

The month of April has surely witnessed the hype behind the Nonfungible tokens but the recent surge in the price of Waves shows that plenty of excitement is still there in the crypto community for NFT projects released lately.

In accordance with the data released by leading market analysts, it can be seen that the price of Waves is 320% up this year.

Making its low of $4.86 on January 4 of this year, Waves managed to reach the level of $20.82 on April 9.

Well, the credit for this rise should be given to the huge trading volume in a single day at $883 million.

NFT Airdrop Attracts New Investors

After the recent release of a game that is an amalgamation of NFT collectibles and yield farming, Duck Hunters by the protocol, the exhilaration for Waves reached a new high.

As stated in the tweet that was shared, the launch of the first round, ‘Round 1’ of the Duck Hunters game was announced.

It further stated that all the contestants who complete a few social engagements will be receiving 1 EGG immediately after the expiry of the round.

Though the fact that the motion for the token had been developing for several weeks prior to the release of the game, beginning with the listing of a USDT-WAVES market on the Bittrex on March 23.

The addition of the capability of Nonfungible tokens to the ecosystem of Waves alongside its increasing DeFi ecosystem has developed a well-rounded protocol that is arranged to see further growth.

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Sahaj Sharma
Sahaj Sharma

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