What Is The Use Of ASIC In Mining Cryptocurrency?

Aditya  |  Jun 18, 2020

In this contemporary tech-savvy world, we often get introduced to several electronic devices and gadgets. As for an example, Integrated Circuit, which brought a revolution in the world of electronics. This technology finds its best use in lessening the size of the electronic product by enhancing the logic gates density per chip. Today, Integrated circuits carry multiple configurations and types. There are IC’s which are useful for a particular single application. But there are other IC’s that can be programmed again and can also prove useful for multiple applications. These are called ASICs. Today we will discuss the use of ASIC in mining cryptocurrency.

Understanding The Concept Of Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

Before we hop on to know about the use of ASIC, let us first know about what does it stands for. These circuits are special applications customized for a certain application. These are specially made from a basic level to meet the needs of a particular application. The use of ASIC chips can be found in microprocessors, toys, and memory interface. The designing of these chips are meant for only one application. Since the designing of these ASICs are from a root level, so it can cost you higher. They are preferred for high volume productions only.

Use Of ASIC In Mining Cryptocurrency

ASIC comprises a lower chip size since the maximum number of circuit’s operational units are built on the solo chip. The contemporary ASICs feature microprocessor, network circuits, memory blocks ranging 32-bit. These ASICs are called as System on Chip. The change in manufacturing technology, and enhanced research in methods of designing, has spawned different levels of customization of ASICs.

The use of ASIC in mining cryptocurrency needs to speed hardware and power in higher quantity. This is not possible for a general CPU. If you have been constantly following Bitcoin mining news, then you should be knowing all about the mining of Bitcoin. But today we will let you know about ASIC Bitcoin miners. These are the chips that are made especially for power supplies and motherboards, which is a built-in single unit. There is always a need for another miner in case of different digital currency.

After knowing about the use of ASIC in cryptocurrency mining, now let us brief you about its advantages. ASIC excels in its mini size and is largely demanded in the larger systems that are sophisticated. There are multiple circuits made on a single chip, resulting in applications running at a higher speed. The consumption of power in ASIC is also very low. You won’t find any issues related to timing and also for configuration of post-production. But it does share some disadvantages in programming in poor flexibility. Also, they are very costly.


So this was all about the use of ASIC and its basic meaning including working. ASIC means Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. The emergence of ASIC has brought significant change in the technology of electronic usage. ASIC chips find their best use in microprocessors, toys, and memory interface. ASIC has become a part of our regular life in different application forms. It is widely accepted in larger systems that are sophisticated. There are no timing issues you will find in ASIC. But it does have a share of disadvantages in the form of high cost and low flexibility. You must have been familiar with ASIC applications. If you are curious about to know about Bitcoin mining, then better be abreast with the latest Bitcoin news.

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